Record Audio and MIDI from Groove Agent


I am still relatively new to Cubase so apologies in advance. I am using Elements 10 and am trying to record audio from Groove Agent as I ultimately want to have multiple audio tracks for individual drums (kick, snare etc). I don’t have RIP with Elements versions so I am trying to follow the Greg Ondo video on How to Record Audio and MIDI for VST Instruments in Cubase. Is this possible with Cubase Elements 10 ?

I have had the same problem as previous post (see below) and think I have correctly followed the method in Greg Ondo’s video (and other similar videos)

I am not given a choice of using the group channel track as an input to the audio track. I have attached screenshots to help show what I am doing. At this stage I am only trying with one output and will move to multiple out puts only when I can do it with one - assuming of course that this is possible with Elements version.

Any assistance will be very much appreciated as this is driving me nuts and I have tried everything I can think of. Maybe I have missed a simple setting ? thanks.

  1. GrooveAgent one and Groove Agent are different things
  2. You can not do this with your Cubase version

Thanks very much for your help.
To be able to do it do I need a higher level of Cubase (Pro or Artist?)
And also will I need a different Groove Agent (I current have SE5).
I also have Superior Drummer so assume this would only required different level of Cubase ? thanks Again.

You will need Cubase Pro, IIRC
Recording audio from busses will then work for any VSTi

Thank you again. I will have to consider an upgrade as this feature alone is on one I really need !!

One (time-consuming) method would be to capture the MIDI performance, split out the MIDI track by note to individual MIDI tracks, and then solo and render each one manually (“export audio”).

Set your left and right locators, select the drum part, go to menu MIDI, Dissolve Part, by pitch, and then you will have seperate MIDI tracks with one drum on each. Solo each track, then go to menu File, Export, Audio Mixdown (instructions here).

As I say, it’s time-consuming, but it works. You will have to play around with the settings a lot, so backup your project before you start.