record from youtube to cubase

how do I record software (such as youtube or windows media player) to software (cubase)?

I have a sound card with multiple ins/outs and have been outputting youtube (and other software) to an output pair on my soundcard, then physically cabing the ourtput to a pair of inputs on the same sound card.

this allows cubase to record as usual and it works well.

but isn’t there a way to record software without this physical cabling trick I am doing?

my soundcard is a presonus firebox and I am using it’s AISO driver.

It would depend on your soundcard.

Some consumer cards have a “what you hear” function" that acts like an internal cable.


Cubase can rip audio from video files on import (or later).

Thanx, actually I will be recording acid pro stuff and rewire is not going to work (32 bit app on 64 bit cubase)
I just used utube as an example of software that outputs recordable sound.

I had a sound card that did allow me to record acid to cubase via software only (no external cabling) but this fire box does not seem to have the same functionality.

Seems like it’s all in the sound cards drivers … Bumma

Back to the external cabling technique I suppose… Works well but just seems a bit old fashioned

Technically it is not legal to record from YouTube, as it is a copyright infringement.

Check out this youtube vid using soundflower :

That depends on the laws of the country you find yourself in, and the type of material you record.

Sounds like a thief to me. :wink:

WOW, waaaaaaaay off topic now.

topic: record software (some software capable of outputting sound) with software (cubase) without physically wiring outputs to inputs on a sound card.

my E-MU 1620m is capable of this but my current sound card a Presonus Firebox does not aparently have this capability.

And from this forum it has been suggested that this functionality is a function of the sound card and it’s drivers whereas cubase can do nothing about that.

No. Copyright is absolute regardless of material, you do not need to register it etc., it is the other way around the creator of the material has to explicitly give permission for its use either piecemeal or globally by declaration, this is what the Berne convention is about

How many such declarations have you seen on YouTube ?

And the “depending on country” is a myth, more or less all countries have signed the Berne convention, even Somalia, some countries have a fair use law, but fair use only covers consumer usage, and then only of something they already have bought into, you cannot claim fair use of something you never bought in the first place. Taking someone’s work you found somewhere to use in cubase, video editors, DJ applications etc., etc., etc., will never fall under a “fair use” clause.

Ever heard of Creative Commons, or stock music even?

In the Netherlands, it’s totally legal to download music from the internet - no myth, and I know since I live there. It’s illegal however to put music up for download.

Noone ever brought that up, it has nothing to do with recording from Youtube.

reality is that my original post has nothing to do with youtube … my bad for using youtube in the title.

my post has everything to do with recording software with software; software generates sound, cubase records it.

my post asks how to record software with cubase without ouputting sound via a sound card and cabling the outputs back to the inputs that cubase is recordng on.

And for sure, copyright infringement or otherwise has absolutely Nothing to do with Cubase! :wink:

Did you read what I wrote? And creative commons is a declaration?

No, even in the Netherlands is it illegal to to use other people music/books/whatever in your projects

In the Netherlands, it’s totally legal to download music from the internet - no myth, and I know since I live there. It’s illegal however to put music up for download.

OK. Post your name and address and any artists you’ve downloaded and we’ll see how legal it really is? :mrgreen:

Sorry, Hempi.

If taking sound. Just jack : Output to Input on the soundcard. Most basic.

thanx Conman … exactly what I ended up doing (jack out to in) and it works well.

but now I want to use s/pdif to toslink instead to keep it digital out/in so I guess i’ll need to find a converter box for that. not sure if it is worth the effort/cost though …

It is illegal to steal another work in any free country in the world, I would assume that since this is cubase that you “Arjan” are speaking of pirating sound files. Come on why would you say this here. I hope that i am wrong if so correct me and I am sorry to have judged unfairly.

Soapbox Time: SO it’s legal in the Netherlands to steal?

Thanks for standing up to theft, This guy must not be a writer or have a family that depends on him (or her) to be fed. I am ill over this comment, i guess it’s okay to have no Art or Artists…

Steal (ie claim ones work as ones own, or deprive said owner of content from any monetary return) is a universal constant.

different countries can have different definitions of what constitutes an illegal activity in this regard.

For example:

Here in Canada, I’m allowed to rip a CD to MP3 and put it onto a MP3 player. I’m also allowed to burn a copy of that CD for backup.
However, if I were then to give that CD or Mp3 file to my friend, it would be considered illegal.

Unless I’m mistaken, in the USA these activities (ripping and burning a backup) are considered illegal under the DMCA.

Shinta215, I challenge anyone in the world to saying it’s okay to freely take another person’s labor.
I don’t think we are speaking of semantics and I don’t think we are speaking of burning our own CDs of stuff we bought ourselves here…we are in the real world where people justify doing wrong or even evil by saying I was told by someone it’s okay so it must be lol. We as artist must know that payback is a ______