Recorded vocals lagging during playback?

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all doing good! I just bought Cubase 10.5 Pro.

I’m having a problem recording vocals.

As I’m recording, I hear myself in my headphones and I sound on time with the metronome. However, when I play it back on my studio monitors, I sound off tempo by like less than a second. Its hard for me to explain but the vocals sound slower than how I had originally recorded it.

Does anybody know what could be wrong?

I read somewhere that it had something to do with latency and to record vocals at the lowest buffer size available with the ASIO4ALL audio driver otherwise, there will be a delay when monitoring vocals while recording. Is this true?

Is there something I’m missing?

What metronome are you using as guidance?

I’m using the default Cubase beeping sound metronome.

MIDI? Audio? If MIDI - what Sound device are you triggering?

You can record only the metronome and measure the error. Put the headphone in from the of the mic.
Some plugins do not report correct latency so cubase can’t compensate correctly. I think it might be the same for
ASIO4ALL. I vst system settings there is a record shift value that you can use to adjust if there are latencys that is not correctly handled. But you need to figure out how much. And it is in samples you might need to have different values for different sample rate settings.

I’m using audio.

Surprisingly, I tried this but it wasn’t working. Which is very odd. I had a friend help me with this.

If you cant measure the problem, then you will need a better singer.

I tried to play around with the record shift settings again but can’t get it right. I get close but it’s not good enough I don’t think. Also, I am the singer and producer myself and can keep tempo haha.

What latency setting are you using in your driver? Are you using Direct monitoring through your interface or listening back from the recorded tracks?


You need to measure the delay.

I’m new to this interface so I’m not sure how to do that.

I am monitoring my vocals through Cubase. I’ve done this in the past with no problem. I’ve tried direct monitoring from my audio interface but I can’t find a good balance to hear myself or the music. I’ve tried both as well but it hasn’t done anything. I’ve also played around with record shift as recommended by another user on this thread but I need to measure the delay according to this user. In which - I’m not sure how to do that.

I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but my audio interface is a discontinued product where the latest firmware came out in 2013 and the latest update came out in 2014. Could that be a problem?

Create a audio track with a click sound. Record it with your mic from the loudspeaker or headphone. Compare the original with the recording. There you have the extra latency that you need to use. Cubase can show it in samples so it should not be that difficult to get a good value. You can do this for different sample rats and see if is a “time” or “sample” delay that are missing.

Hey! Sorry my delayed response, so I did this and at first, it was great, but then, when I started recording vocals, it was either too fast or still too slow. I’ve been playing around with the record shift numbers but it doesn’t seem to go in place no matter what number I put it in. So I’m not sure if I’m measuring the click track properly.

Do the same thing but with measuring. If it sill moves unpredictable your interface is not good enough for recording. What interface is it?

I have a discontinued Tascam US-144Mkii. Latest update is from 2014 and latest firmware only goes up to 2013. Is it my audio interface that’s causing the issue?

You could try installing the ASIO4ALL driver to see if it improves anything, or at least to compare results. For what it’s worth, I had the same interface and ended up getting frustrated with the lack of quality drivers and basically “outgrew” it. I feel sorry for whoever bought it after pawning it off at Music-Go-Round :laughing: .

That said, I’m not sure that your issue really has anything to do with the interface or it’s drivers …

You still haven’t mentioned what your latency settings are, whether you are monitoring the input directly or through Cubase, or if any plugins are involved.

I have been using the Asio4all drivers. My latency for both input and output are both 3.333. I’ve tried monitoring both input directly and in Cubase. Even if I sing or rap on tempo with the playing metronome, when played back, the recorded audio is lagged by about a second if not, half a second. There are no plugins on any inserts on any of my channels. This is a fresh project. I’m just trying to record vocals. I already tried the record shift and it’s not working either.

Sorry, I missed that you mentioned you were using ASIO4ALL (also a few other details … oops :neutral_face: ). Is that because the Tascam drivers are not functional?

You say this is a “fresh Project”, yet you say any of my channels? Have you tried an empty project with just a metronome beat? Record a single track with absolutely nothing on the audio track or the master out (drumstick clicks or something obviously transient). Compare the recorded WAV peaks with the Cubase grid. Do they line up within reason? I’m just trying to figure out if the “delay” you are trying to describe (it’s somewhat difficult to understand) is happening during recording or playback.