recording a live performance in Groove Agent 4

I just got the Cubase pro 8 and Groove Agent 4. Very impressed.
My question:
Is there a way to record in Groove Agent 4 a Live performance of a sequence of patterns? The intent is to create a whole song live using the Pads, while listening to the guide track, and then transfer it to Cubase.
If not, is there a different way of achieving this?
Triggering fills and changing patterns in real time can greatly enhance the drum track and gel it better with the song.
Your help will be much apreciated!

Hi there

I think the pattern pads in G4 are assigned to midi note numbers so you can play the pads you want on your keyboard and record the midi, that should do it!

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You should be able to record your live performance after GA update.
Lot of people waiting for the midi out that’s supposed to be in that update.

Thank you guys - looks like right now this is impossible to accomplish.
Honestly I am a little disappointed, as I thought it was a no brainer to have midi out.
Anybody knows when this upgrade is coming?

That’s what I am currently doing, but how to break this out into single notes?

I have just recorded something with a 4/4 pattern on a 3/4 track which sounds wonderfully “random” lioke a tricky track. The thing is when you hit the pad switch it always counts “within the grid” so you get a nice shifting of wheere the “1” is.

Dragging the pattern button to the track will always start on the first beat, so it is not the same. What I would need is for GA to break out the pattern notes the way it plays it back (SHIFTED) into another MIDI track.