Isn't it possible to route midi out from Groove Agent 4?

I want to be able to control others VST-instruments from Groove Agent 4. Not the instruments/sounds from Mediabay. If for example load a VST’drum synth I would like to trigger it from the Groove Agent Pattern Editor. So before draggin the pattern to a midi track I want to loop the beat but with the VST drum synth sounds. Then when Im satisfied I can drag the midi to the Drum Synth track. Basically I want to do the same from within Groove Agent that you do with Beat Designer.

If this isn’t possible I’m going to rip my hair out (what’s left of it).

This is a screen shot of EZ-drummer that has Midi-Out option:

From this topic

But please do not rip your hair out now, this not worth it :wink:

Best regards

:astonished: That’s seriously ridiculous. They have a Pattern editor and a play button but no midi-out?! If people want to use Groove Agent as their main work horse but they can’t trigger a pattern with other sounds than the buildt in then the program is just about useless.

How hard could it be to enable Midi-out?! This is NOT good.

No I feel like ripping some one elses hair out :imp:

Thank you for that information and
Best Regards back

Yes it just doesn’t make sense not to have it. Not having it has put my production on hold. :cry:

100% agree. I also expected GA4 to have MIDI Out feature.
It’s a big disappointment for all your customer.

Guys, let’s get together and encourage Steinberg to implement this function as soon as possible. This can’t be hard to implement - it’s just sending the note signal out as midi. Else this is just a waste of money, we have spend.

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Seems simple. I have posted many times in the last month, along with others and have seen no reply. I think they are waiting to see if we adapt. I have started trying a little by dragging and dropping. But its taking too much of my time and im not feeling the groove. you know what I mean. I’m a keyboard player, don’t have the patience for this. I loved the way GA3 operated. It just needed updating to 64 bit and new grooves. Hopefully they hear us.

As far as I know this is one more “advance” of the new vst3 standard that this is no longer possible, but I may be wrong

If Steinberg gave a @#$@#, a responsible representative would reply to this thread. Mathew Quellman (?) should be fired and put somebody good in this position. He’s super weak.

Good morning gentlemen,

I guess it’s about time to show some commitment (before I get fired…).

Actually it’s just not possible to answer every question, feature request, or inquiry that are posted in the forum. But I can assure you that we are browsing the forum and reading you posts on a regular basis. And we take your thoughts and discussions seriously.

I can totally understand that it may be frustrating sometimes, when you are asking for a solution or a feature and there is no direct response from Steinberg, whether the problem will be solved or certain features will be implemented. But we can’t talk about future releases before we are dead certain, which fixes and features will make it in the release version and when the version will be ready to be released. I hope you somewhat understand that we cannot always be as transparent in the development of our software as you would like us to be. [End of the defense plea…]

Here is the good news. Even before Groove Agent 4 was officially released the team started working on the first update. There is no release date yet and the list of fixes and improvements is not yet finalised, but trust me, this thread can be marked as “solved” after the update will be released.
Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 09.39.49.png

Now that I have clean the dust of my glasses I’m quite certain that the image is showing “MIDI Out” from GA :wink:

Oh yes…!!

Thanks for the (very good) news Matthias… and for the well handled response BTW :wink:

EDIT: and I keep forgetting to hit that ‘Thanks’ button - done now.

Very cool.

Great News… Can’t wait.

I want an estimate of a release date. This should be priority one. My Groove Agent has collected dust since I spend my money on it. If you can’t release an update in a reasonable time I suggest you split the update in two and release what’s most urgent (and by that I mean midiout). For how much longer do we have to wait Matthias?


Will the MIDI out also work when playing Styles, or just MIDI Patterns?
I want to record a Jam as Midi on a Midi track and not just the trickers for GrooveAgent’s Grooves and Fills.



When will the update be available?


Thanks Matthias, for the midi out info.

I’m not as much of an “flower” hole as I sound in this thread, but you guys have not been transparent at all. After releasing a product that took away so many features. I think its not too much to ask if and when this functionality will return.

My apologies for my direct comments toward you, but I went looking for the CEO of Steinberg or any Sr. Management responsible for this product, there was none to be found. It is not available on the internet as far I can tell. There seems to be no other accountable management in the company. Just Yamaha Executives who may or may know who Steinberg is. They seem to have put your face and name out there to take all the bullets.

I am also standing in line for the MIDI out - I bought Groove Agent 4 on good faith and have been stunned to have such an unpleasant surprise as no MIDI out. So it has been back to GA3 …

When do we get the release date?

A poor mans solution while waiting for the update, is to drag and drop the pattern from groove agent to a midi track and rout that to your favourite instrument.