Recording vocals via MR816x: Monitoring

Ok, i need some advise, we’ve been doing some vocal tracking via the MR816x and we could not quite get what we wanted.
mic on input 1, control room on, via ADAT1/2 nothing else defined routing wise

first we did not hear the input on the headphones, but after turning direct monitoring off, we could hear the mic and the mainmix on the headphones, then he asked for a reverb on his phones, but i did not know where to turn than one on, without having it also printed into the mix…
the singer wanted to hear his vocal louder, but turning the main mix down would also turn the monitoring of the vocal down, So i created a subgroup called instrumental and did sent all instruments to there and just turned that subgroup down.

Then there was still that latency on the headphones.
So how do you guys configure Cubase with the MR816 to get a seperate mix for the singer, with a bit of verb in his cans and with an easy way to balance the monitoring volume between the main mix and the mic monitoring, without considerable latency. :confused:

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let’s narrow the discussion down:

vocal recording > headphone mix for singer, with “more me” function

  • direct monitoring? YES/NO
  • Use studio sends? YES/NO
  • How to map studio sends to headphones 1 or 2 on MR816x?
  • how to change “more me” signal in studio mix easily?
  • how to give singer a reverb which is not printed to track

this is what i would like to find out

Sorry - I’m no help directly, but try looking through either of these two:-


Headphone Mix for Musicians


yes that solved it, thanks gents!

Also if you’re just recording a single person at a time you don’t have to use the control room, you can just use the input mixer/hardware channel menu to access the reverb and monitor levels. The studio sends and control room come into their own when recording a band and you need separate monitor mixes for different people.


I hope I will be helpfull this time. I had the same problem and now it’s like a butter. So nice.
Just read through my post and you will get it no problem. If you still have a problem say it I will explain to you in detalis how I did it.
Good luck.

This one can also help.