Recording workflow question

Hi all,

I recently moved back to Cubase. I have a question RE: recording and the tape machine style option.
I think tape machine is the best option for quicker punch ins, especially when working with a singer.
Trouble is, when I write a song, I sometimes need to jam along with the track, trying out guitar riffs, etc.
Of course, the tape machine style option will disable monitoring on the track I’m using and I find that going back in and clicking on the speaker button every time is a massive disruption to my flow.
How do you do it? In a nutshell I need to jam along to my backing track using my guitar through my VST amps, etc. Ideally the track should be ready to record (because sometimes losing a good idea might be a matter of a couple extra clicks), but with a Tape Machine Style workflow, so if something is already recorded on the track (let’s say, previous song section or something) I can still hear it

many thanks!

I am not fully understand what you want . But in preferences there is option like use record for monitoring input .

Another option you may keep enable record in selected track deactivated

I hope that i sort out what you asked about

I guess I don’t fully understand either.

But here is how I do it…
When I want to jam along to a backing track(s), I just play back the recorded (backing) tracks (with the track monitor functions disabled) and have my guitar audio track set to record enabled and monitor enabled. Then, I can just hit the record button on the transport whenever I want to start recording. Most of the time I usually just record my jamming from the get go just in case something inspires me or a good lick is played then it is not missed. If nothing is there… I just trash that audio file from the project pool.

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Hey, thanks for the tips. Sorry, I realise I haven’t expressed myself very clearly

Judging from what you’re telling me I think I’m missing something in the options.
Cubase is in Tapemachine Style recording mode.
I REC arm a track and can hear my guitar through the plugins chain, but if I press play, the audio monitoring is disabled (the yellow speaker icon turns off), so I can hear the track playing, but not my live input. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for your help

Thanks. Lots of good stuff in there