Reenable Mono <-> Stereo switch button

In cubase SX you can easily click on track button (marked O for mono track) and switch this track to stereo.

Now, in cubase 8 (And cubase 7 etc.), this button is unclickable (button next to e button). Why?

I have 120 mono tracks from client ready to mixing. All tracks are imported into Cubase as mono tracks. As we know, mono track can not handle stereo plugins (output is always mono :slight_smile:). (nonsens IMHO)

I can create 120 new stereo tracks and move all mono tracks into it, but all track names based on filenames are gone. It means, I have to rename 120 tracks :smiley: :smiley:

If it is so hard to reenable Mono <-> stero button functionality, please, let me force Cubase (in Preference dialog?) to crate only stereo tracks when importing files.

Creativity first :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Makes sense. Would be very useful. +1.

One more solution. Not universal, but enough for me :slight_smile:

When I select 120 WAV mono track files and drag them into Cubase, dialog “Insert objects on one track or…” appear. Could you add one little checkbox option with caption: “Create stereo stracks for mono audio files”?

This little checkbox can save me a lot of time and lot of senseless work.


Every time I apply a delay effect to a mono track and realise that only the LEFT side is ‘effecting’ I think about this.


This one is an all time favourite request, asked for since the function has vanished. 10+ years! C’mon Steini!


I also hope Steinberg re-enable that useful button. I’d like also they put back the blue progress bar of audio mixdown with all the export info, the same how it was on SX1 (Mac)!!

A big +1 from me.

+1 !

+1! This behavior is driving me NUTS!


+1. It’s surprising that such an useful and, apparently, easy to add feature hasn’t been implemented yet.


Let me pile on here. Switching parts to mono OR renaming them should not be a complicated thing.

Plus one

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I don’t even understand why it isn’t all done automatically:

Start with a mono source, and the channel including pan pot is mono. Insert a mono effect, it stays mono. Insert a stereo effect, it switches to a mono>stereo track, feeding dual mono into the stereo plugin and the signal path remains stereo from there on.

It’s stuff like this computer software is supposed to make easy!


I did not know this about the mono>stereo auto conversion…and now it’s gone.
I know that if you import multiple files, it will import in stereo or mono, depending on the file. But you have to let the program make the file track.
I know this isn’t the same thing; being able to change a mono track to stereo would be helpful.


OMG +1!