Regarding Windows 10

Hi, Can anyone tell me please, If I download W10 but do not install it until…lets say 2017, is it still free (will it authorize) or is it only free if installed before the one year period ends? tried googling this but never got anywhere…

cheers, Kevin

Good question!

Until the 31th of July next year you can upgrade to windows 10 without cost. So if you just download, but won’t install, you won’t be able to activate it without it costing you money. I am pretty sure about that.

I updated to windows 10 last week after Steinberg gave the OK. I had a pretty fresh install (windows 8) from July the 21th. I have not experienced any problems. I did however update the UR44 drivers, video drivers and yamaha midi drivers before I started the windows 10 upgrade. This week I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro without a hassle.

I updated a few days after release by accident, I was just out of bed at 5 in the morning. The computer was still on and showed something my sleepy eyes did not register :wink: the next I know is i’m running Windows 10.
I downloaded and installed the newest eLincencer, before I even attempted to start Cubase. The only problem I encountered was, no sound from anything. There was a new driver from RME, so I installed that, and everything has been running really well since, I managed to work around the mmcss problem that Microsoft later fixed in a patch, that BTW affected all DAW’s.

And to be on topic, Rommelaar is right Win10 is free first year of release, and it’s the activation day that has to be inside that year. If you are planning a new fresh install, and not a conversion of an old winOS, it might be wise to wait a little. This month there should be an update, that allows a fresh install of win10 using a win7 or win8 key, but i’m sure they will announce it.

Suits me just fine! :sunglasses:

I’m just making this up but I don’t see why it wouldnt work:

  1. Make an image of your harddrive
  2. upgrade to windows 10
  3. Make another image of your harddrive
  4. restore your first image
  5. whenever you want, switch to the windows 10 image

what a damn good idea… :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
thats why I like this forum…it’s where the intelligent people are at!!! :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

so…do you reckon both OS’s would remain authorised :question:

My suspicions are that if you upgrade they will kill the W7 authorisation… :frowning: :frowning: after the 31st July 2016… :frowning: :frowning:

I have no idea, that’s a good question…

I believe that is exactly correct, if I remember the Robin Vincent W10 review in SOS 11/2015 correctly, but that it will happen immediately, not waiting till after 31 July.

After upgrading to W10 in July I was going back and forth between W7 and W10 several times. All clean installs apart from the initial upgrade.

Had no problems with activation.
Even had them as dual boot with both of them activated.

Yeah, I installed W10 for a day and went back to W7 with no authorisation probs…which heightens my suspicion that it will happen after the 21st of July…just wish I knew for sure… :confused: :confused:

I’ve not yet switched my stable, working windows 7 system to the new, unfamiliar windows 10. I’m concerned the computer will take a performance hit with Win 10. Will it?

So far I’ve not heard anyone raving about improved performance or any substantial, material benefits to the update. Are there any?

Does windows 10 change anything for the better for a Cubase user or for DAW users in general? :confused:

I think I’m going to wait for a little bit. My system is working well and I don’t want it to get messed up.

I noticed no difference whatsoever…so went back to W7 because W10 is basically a spy in your puter…

I have noticed that my older computers core2quad, run noticeable better/faster/snappier on Win10 than on Win7. On my i7 there is really only the faster boot times that makes a big difference.

I did hear cautions about creating “accounts” with MS and that it’s not a good idea. I don’t like how they made that little icon appear on my system without asking permission, etc. I’m guessing I already gave them permission to do that in paragraph X of the EULA (just a guess). Anyway. I’m going to be cautious and wait a little longer.

I have an i5-4590 CPU running at 3.3 GHz, 16 Gigs RAM, 1-T internal, 1-T USB 3 external drive. Do you think WIN 10 make this computer run Cubase and other DAW packages any better than Win 7?

I noticed how the word “upgrade” gets tossed into the vocabulary, but what real sort of upgrades does Win 10 represent to us, the DAW people?

I’m glad you mentioned better performance on some of your systems. But, I think we should all be a little circumspect about the word “upgrade” here. Who’s being “upgraded” here?" It sounds more like MS is getting an “upgrade” into accessing my data. I can’t help feeling like a fish on a hook with this win 10 deal. Anyway, I’m waiting. :wink:

In my admittedly limited experience with W10 I saw no difference at all, I think your correct in saying it’s an upgrade for MS into our privacy,
that’s why it’s free I reckon…
having said that…there are certain people on this planet at the moment who need watching…so it’s a difficult one…

Very true, unfortunately though Quis custodiet ipsos custodes as you allude to…

well in a democratic society we the peeps would hopefully not vote for a Government that takes it too far…assuming they don’t abolish the vote of course… :slight_smile:
which on second thoughts is actually quite likely to happen now that Brussels holds all the cards… :unamused:
they already behave like dictators…