Reinstall Dorico - how do I do it?

I have just lost all of my Dorico 4.2 software, due to a botched reinstall . How do I recover all of the programs , please ?

If you’ve lost everything, including the Steinberg Download Assistant; and you don’t have a local backup, then you can download everything from Steinberg > Support > Downloads.

Either just get the SDA, or everything individually.

Thank you. I did have local backup, but when the new drive was installed, everything was missing.

I seem to have missed the Dorico sounds installer, but cannot find it - any ideas , please ?

Having found and installed the missing element, I still cannot persuade the software to start - it hangs before showing existing projects - what am I missing - please .

Run Steinberg Download Assistant, find the Dorico category on the left-hand side, then in there find Dorico Pro 4, and on the right-hand side choose Sound content for Dorico Pro 4, and click Install.

Thank you Daniel, and all the helpful suggestions from before. Now all I need to do, is to run the download and all should be well.

If you still experience that Dorico is hanging during start-up, please run Steinberg Activation Manager and check that your Dorico Pro 4 license shows as activated.

I have run the Activation Manager, and Dorico is shown as active. When I start Dorico 4, it hangs as before

Rather puzzling: I feel that I should start again, but would this be the best option ?

The most usual cause of hanging at launch is that the VST Audio Engine from a previous launch is still running. This happens if Dorico crashes out without tidying up.

I would do a restart, if you’ve installed lots of stuff.

To do a restart, would I need to uninstall all of the elements I have used so far ?

Where on the computer are all of the program details stored ? The reason I ask is that I have had to reinstall a number of programs, as the person who was dealing with startup problems on the computer did a clean install of a new drive - hence the chaos I am trying to correct.

No, Ben simply means restarting your computer. But I guess you’ve already done that a couple of times in any case.

Can you try downloading and running the script from this post:

and attaching the resulting zip file to a reply here.

I am sorry Daniel, but all I am getting are folders, not zip files. I will keep trying before un installing the whole of Dorico and starting again, but I do not know if this will be of any use.
While installing the files , I did notice that they kept giving the detail “install again” - perhaps this is the problem.

As you can see, my limited knowledge of this aspect of Dorico is not helping

“Install again” in the Download Assistant normally means the file has installed successfully.

At what point does Dorico hang when you try to run it? Do you see the splash screen, or does it not get that far?

I see the main screen, but no details of any previous projects - it is just a space.

It sounds as if Dorico is in fact running, then? Are you able to start a new project, e.g. by going to the Create New page in the Hub and starting a new project from one of the templates?

It does seem that I can start a new project. However, there is still no sign of the sample projects - is there a way to install them , please ?

If you quit Dorico, then delete the recentFileList.xml file in your user-level application data folder, then restart Dorico, it should recreate the links to the example projects.

Hi Daniel, I have found the sample projects in a folder away from Dorico, and a VST folder with all the sound details in a different drive !

Can you give me the file locations where these should have been stored - I remember that these are listed somewhere in Dorico. Hopefully, the whole program might wake up !