reintroduce support for 32 bit Plugins Vsti in C 9.5 Pro ?

how many out here would be for bringing back support for 32 bit Plugins Vsti in C 9.5 Pro ?
I have an issue My 32 bit Halion 4 and 1st version Halionsonic Times out , probably due to it being 32 bit , ( yet unsolved ) , and also i have to load earlier versions of cubase to get 32 bit Plug ins to work , making it Tedious and extra work, why stop support for 32 Bit Plug ins , is it a sales thing or a technical issue ?? if so why ?? other DAWs support 32 bit plug ins ?? pls correct me if i am wrong … point being , how many out here would like support for 32 bit plug in ? i am sure a small update should fix it ?? n make us old users happy ?? or keep an option for those who dont want it disable it in preferences ?? thankx ws

If you need to use 32 bit plugins, just buy jBridge. Download the 1.75 beta.

Your issue has nothing to do with 32 bit plugins. If they were 32 bit, they obviously wouldn’t show up in your plugin list or load at all, not “timeout” (not sure what you mean by that).

Make sure that you have the latest versions installed: (download both the content and plugin updates)

But I would recommend upgrading to Halion 6 if you can afford it. It includes a ton of new stuff is much more stable and more compatible with modern operating systems. You’ll get Halion Sonic 3 for free with it.

It won’t happen. 32bit plugins were removed to aid stability and as a result we have the most stable Cubase yet (for most).

As Romantique says, use jBridge and you can bridge most old 32 bit ones if you really need to.

This will never happen, I guarantee it. Yes, there is a technical reason for it, and from what I understand Cubase is much more stable being all 64-bit with plugins. Once I went 64-bit I never looked back, and I recommend upgrading all 32-bit plugins to more modern versions, and then use something like jBridge (there are some others out there, too) for those that are old that you absolutely need. This works great for the one 32-bit plugin I just can’t live without. :slight_smile:

I couldn’t care less about 32-bit plugins.

Thanks , all above , so far nothing is quite so stable for me … time out means , only Halion 4 and halionsonic 1 st version , starts up and after 15 minutes , never produces any sounds , though u see the midi triggering it , C 9.5 Pro unstable , suddenly the sounds hangs , like a midi reset required , but dont stop the sound …Ctr+alt+ delet does… n only once allowed me to save the project , that was nice , but now have to log out …
if i upgrade , to Halion 6 , how do i get Halion sonic 3 free ?? the fulll version or just the sound banks , ( i lost out on the 50 % off, would be nice 2 get it again ??? when ?? ) n what happens to the halionsonic 1st version … can steinberg compile both n give me the Halion 6 upgrade ?? the i could consider ?? and how much does the jbridge cost ?? or the beta version ?? how long does it last ?? would that not interfere with the stability of Cubase ?? n thankx guys for all the inputs … appreciate it …

Halion Sonic latest version (3) comes with Halion 6 so if you upgrade to Halion 6 you’ll get that.

I don’t know exactly how much jBridge costs, Google is your friend but it’s not much. Try the demo version first to see if it meets your needs. It does not interfere with the stability of Cubase and the guy who creates it is very good at interaction if you have problems with it and specific plugins.

jBridge is €14.99, so it’s very cheap. I use it for those few plug-ins that will never be updated to 64 bit. Apart from these few plug-ins, I am fully switched to 64-bit only.

However - I can fully endorse planarchist here. It certainly is worth to upgrade to HALion 6. It’s a real beast, and I have loads of fun programming my own stuff in it. If you can replace HALion Sonic 1 by HALion Sonic 3 in your older projects is something you have to try out for yourself. A word of advice - Always make a backup of those older projects (preferably on a separate device, like an external hard disk), so you can experiment without fear you wreck something important.

thankx Guys

i ended up buying 32 lives on mac for my refx stuff… all work perfectly… I’m even hunting down a powercore firewire as apparently they all wrap perfectly too. Unlike j bridge, they open within the host instead of a separate process, so if they crash so does the daw… don’t know what i prefer… j bridge is very good and worth having for many reasons, even to bridge 64 bit to 64 bit plugins… I own that one too… worthy dev to support for 15 euros.

jdbridge doesnt support old steinberg plugins (most important ones)

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Only the Cubase SX (2003~) era stock plugins don’t work. Almost nobody used those seriously.

HI ," Halion Sonic latest version (3) comes with Halion 6 so if you upgrade to Halion 6 you’ll get that." , pls can u send me a link for the upgrade along with the free Halionsonic 3 ?? or is it just the free halionsonic 3 SE ?? and can i add up the Halionsonic ver 1 along with the Halion 4 , It was 4.5 but that .5 vanished some how!!! i have ) and compile the upgrades together so get a better rate ?? is so where do i contact Steinberg ?? n thankx for all the above … ws

You can upgrade from Halion 4 here:

The Halion 6 download will also include Halion Sonic 3 for free, just like Halion 4 came with Halion Sonic 1.

The link to the Halion 4.5 update is right there in the first reply to this thread. Of course you don’t need to install it if you plan to buy the Halion 6 upgrade, since it will install on top of Halion 4.

does that mean Jbridge will not support Xphrase ??? I never used older SX 1 n 2 Vsti seriously …
any way i am trying to buy xphrase , anyone here selling ?? if so pls PM , would appreciate ur advice … n thanks ws

Some of the earlier Steinberg plugins required the original host program that they came with to work. If xPhraze was a standalone plugin then this will not be affected by this issue.

ending 32-bit support rendered my UAD1 PCI card entirely useless… even using jBridge (there’s some weird memory issue).
I’m not buying the “Cubase is more stable” argument… but it sure does make a decent Steinberg excuse.
For every new breakthrough like 64-bit… and 128-bit… and whatever else is coming… we are going to face this same problem - old hardware becoming obsolete far too quickly… but, wow… a guitar is a guitar and will likely work for decades. I miss those days.
The only reason there isn’t an outcry from the community for continued 32-bit support in Cubase… is BECAUSE of jBridge.
These companies want you to upgrade. Period. And we are well beyond the point where upgrading is actually necessary to make music. And for me, a GREAT distraction. I suppose I should call that MY mistake.
OK, my mistake. I guess.
I want my UAD1 card back…

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32lives does wrap the PoCo plugins perfectly, some of the TC plugins i just cant be without. If you can find one make sure it has plenty of the licenses on board as you can no longer buy or transfer them, support ended Dec 2017,

64 bit DAWs were first widely adopted over 10 years ago, and the UAD2 platform is equally as old. UAD1 is almost 20 years old now, so please don’t say that hardware is becoming obsolete too quickly because that’s not true at all. Even if you bought a UAD1 card just before UAD2 was released you still had forever to upgrade.

Don’t want to buy an UAD2 card? Well, don’t worry because there are dozens of better native emulations of basically everything UAD1 did, sometimes better than even the UAD2 versions. TrackComp has all of the usual suspects and is less than 100 bucks.

64 bit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Do a little reading on this stuff and you’ll realize that there wont be any need for a 128 bit DAW in the next 100 years because you can already address absurd amounts of memory with 64 bit.

Xphrase works with jBridge.

10 years is a long time to you? OK…
I don’t have to upgrade my guitar. I don’t have to upgrade my keyboard. I didn’t have to upgrade my 8-track machine. UNTIL these things wear out.
The digital world, however, is something different, and companies do enjoy the benefits of it aging quickly. Known fact.
Won’t be any need for a 128-bit DAW for 100 years? When do you suppose Steinberg will drop support for 64-bit plugins?
Keeping the 32-bit VSTBridge, I believe, should have been an option. Reaper supports 32-bit plugins in the 64-bit DAW. Who else?
Again, I’m willing to take full responsibility for the error of upgrading, or not switching DAWs… But hey, that’s not my point. They won. They’ll likely beat me again in 10 years.

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