Remember the height of the lower zone for each tab!

I am just waiting for the first update of Cubase 10 before installing. But as I was told in other forums, Cubase 10 still doesn’t remember the height of the lower zone for each tab. Right? If so, please change that for a better workflow.

This is an older request from version 9, look here:

You need a lot of time and mouse moving when you have always to adjust the heigth of the lower Zone after switchng from one tab to another. So please look after it.

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Please remember the last used height for each tab in Lower Zone (assuming it’s not done for C10).
Different tabs needs different height, and it’s annoying to drag that thing again, again and again.

At the first page in the C9 link there’s some graphical illustrations:

At the same time, please also remember the width for each tab in the Right Zone…



Does anyone knows if there are plans to make Cubase remembering the height of each tab in the lower zone?

For a real good workflow this is very important, I think.
I really hope Steinberg is looking after this in a future update.



One of the most frustrating aspects of the LZ is constantly having to resize it. Thumbs up for me as a major timesaver.

Please be aware that the current Workaround would be to use Workspaces which remember the sizing of the lower zone.