Remember this Cubase user please

Hi all,

My wife, Denise, is a Cubase user. It was she who introduced me to Cubase 1 for the Atari in 1989 and has used Cubase ever since.

Last week, Denise suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage which needed a 7.5 hour operation. She is currently at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, starting a long road to recovery. It would be great if you could think of her and wish her well. It would mean a lot at this stage.



Good luck in Denises recovery! I am rooting for her from Chicago. And good luck to you too in what you are going through yourself. Stay centered and take care of yourself.

OK, I’m on board, too. :slight_smile:

Hi Denise)

I hope that all is well and that your recovery is coming along nicely.

Sometimes (most times) life gives us lemons… This is normal because the sickness called “the human condition” is and has been rampant throughout since the start of our time…people have stopped listening to themselves and each other in favour of some malevolent force… Its an age of “i dont care about anything or anybody but myself” this behaviour has been forced upon us by people who dont want to share the light… " comments like : it has always been this way, and, you cant change the world are some pre programmed comments that we have to deal with… Be strong, stay good and never lose hope. When you listen to your inner self, you know how it should be:) you are not alone.
Nywho, i hope that you are doing well. You have a loving husband who seems to care a lot about you and thats wonderful. I am sending a lot of strength so you will be up and running asap:) focus and listen to yourself until you have the strength to change the world again.
music = love = healing = you = the universe :slight_smile:

Take care and lots of love@you, Denise

P.s. Lets collab over the net when you feel ready again;)

sending denise loads of big hugs and kisses and praying for you dude ,stay positive for her and all will be fine , best wishes

Just another reminder of what really is important and what isn’t. I wish Denise a very speedy and complete recovery, and my thoughts and prayers are offered to both of you. Blessings!

Best wishes and speedy recovery Denise.

I work in the medical profession. Rencently I had a patient that achieved full recovery from such a haemorrhage, many do.

My best wishes from Barcelona!

My best wishes from Valencia

My prayers for a prompt recovery!!

Best wishes from Mexico.

Oh dear, sometimes real life gets in the way of us making music. :frowning: :open_mouth: Very best wishes Denise, for a speedy recovery, and for getting back to making music with your guy. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, hopefully this topic will serve the concept well.

Cheering for you from Canada. :sunglasses:

Good luck Denise!

Best wishes from Brazil.

My thoughts are with you, Denise. My brother had a similar haemorrhage 5 years ago, and AVM (Aterial Veneral Malformation).
He is a pianist and is loving life as ever and I praying that you come from this just as strong.

All the best.

Best wishes from San Diego, USA


Positive thoughts from here in Oz, to Denise and to you Steve.

All the very best,


My thoughts for speedy recovery with best wishes from Slovenia .


Hope all goes well!!

Denise and Steve,

My heart is with you. I’m sure our Creator loves dedicated musicians, and that He will help you recover faster than you could imagine. Remember the good old Atari days? We were so excited over the fact that a computer had a built-in MIDI port! It was like yesterday. That’s how fast time passes…And all through these years, you and I have come to learn that patience is a virtue.

I pray for you in Tehran.

Best of luck to you Denise,

I hope you and Steve are back making music very very soon!!

Jim B