Remote Control update needed

Hi. Please update Remote Control (RC), it still hasn’t some controls. For instance Input Filter, it has automation possibility but no reference in RC. Very odd! We have new ADR panel but no Filter section in RC. Also “Show Dynamic” in Automation panel section of RC is missed somehow. I’m making an interface in Lemur and all is more than fine, even NRPN messages are working great(despite there’s a bug in RC related to this) but this lack is a bit downgrading advantage of using my custom remote. It’s no hurt to mention lack of keyboard shortcuts to Qlink, Abs and Sus buttons that would work everywhere, not only in mixer. Also I think the interface of RC is outdated. It’d be nice if you make some improvements as you did with macro section. Though it also can be worked around. Thank goodness the setting file is xml and could be edited in any text editor or my favorite Sublime.
So my best wishes for developers, thanks a lot for great software, please stay in tune and keep up with the times as you used to do!

I used to do a few things i Liine Lemur, but currently don’t have a suitable ipad that works…
But Id love to see what you do with it. Seeing how others do stuff may generate new ideas.

Hi. Please update Remote Control

As an OSC user I totally agree.

It’s mostly an interface for work with static automation.I’m a newbie in Nuendo, recently just have mixed up my first feature movie in it) Great DAW, but I’ve faced a lack of simple things like fast coping automation of whole track to another place of another track. With that new lemur interface it can be done with 20 tracks with different automation by just a few taps on iPad screen. I think it’s like touch assist but more detailed, so I can just choose what to copy, first band of EQ for example. Also I needed fast initialisation of automation and some other useful stuff. The interface is in testing for now. If you’re interested I’ll definitely share it when test is complete.
P.S. Dynamic and Inserts are not working yet.

That indeed looks interesting. The only thing I can’t guess what it does is 1-20 keys. What do they do?

Cool if you have got it all working. I’d love to peek in under the hood to see how you did.

The sequence of actions is: you press Copy at the bottom for the copy mode. Place Nuendo cursor somewhere and tap number 1. It remembers all the automation of this place to preset 1( except dynamic and inserts- still working on it). Then jump to another place and tap 2. It does the same to preset 2. And so on to 20. Now tap Paste at the bottom. Go to where you need, press preview, fill loop or whatever automation stuff (actually my interface does this for me : buttons Event, Locators, Shot, Scene, Episode) Now tap on blue parameters - Volume, Pan, Sends… to choose ones you want to paste and press 1 - it sends what you have in preset 1 but only those you’ve chosen in blue section and punch it. Voila! Now go to another place, again automation stuff, press 2 - it sends remembered automation parameters but again only ones according to blue section. Pretty fast for copying 20 tracks with entire completely different automation at once from one place to another. And there’s more detailed menu for choosing parameters to paste and initialize as on picture.
Yes, it works except some drawbacks. Midi communication resolution is 14bit so copied values are exact the same(or very very close) except Freq parameter of EQ. If I send 12000Hz it receives as 12001. I think it’s not so important)
I’ll share it with pleasure as soon as I finish my tests and fix some imperfections. Thanks for your interest in this!

Looking forward to it.

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