Remote Cue Sends

I picked up the Cubase IC pro app for IOS while it was on special, works well with nuendo 8 however what struck me was the fact that you can set it up to view just one of the cue sends, and you can have multiple devices. so IF you using the cue sends you could give each performer or musician their own ipad or phone, to mix their own cue mix wirelessly. Basicly a much cheaper AVIOM system. Is anyone already doing this :question:

So that brings up two things, I read a while ago that more than 4 cue mixes is coming, is that still the case :question:

:bulb: secondly, while I could go and buy several cheap ipads or iphones, It would be great if Steinberg could offer a free “one cue mix only” version of Cubase IC that clients can get for their own device during a session.

:bulb: and while I’m wishing for things, can we have a version called “Nuendo IC” can be the exact same app, or failing that just call it Steinberg IC.


I’ve been doing this for some time. It works, but a lot of improvements could, and should, be made.

I believe that the number of cue sends available will be increased in the N8 life cycle.

I don’t quite understand the idea of a single cue mix version. The app itself is very cheap and a single cue mix can already be selected.

Imagine the scenario where 4 (or more) musicians out in the studio have an ipad each controlling their own cue mix, with the full version of Cubase IC any of them could also switch the the main mix, or control the transport, or fire off key commands, (either by accident or just screwing around) I would prefer if they could not do anything other than their own cue mix.

Alternatively this could be achieved in the SKI device setup in Nuendo itself, where you “allow” access to certain functions on a per device basis, certainly would also be good if the app didn’t show hidden tracks or tracks you have sent to a group (for example…your recording 16 drum mics, but only want to show the performers the “drums” group fader)

Yes the app is cheap and if I (the studio) supply all the ipads all on my account, I only have to pay for it once. but I was thinking not every nuendo/cubase user is going to want to buy multiple Ipads/iphones, especially considering most people usually have their own anyway. If Steinberg made a free “IC performer” one cue mix only version, then clients can download it for their own device for their session that will only be a few days, I don’t think many performers will pay $20-30 for the full app just to do that.

I think this is a huge selling point for steinberg that they don’t seem to push in any advertizing that i’ve seen, it’s basically Aviom system (personal cue mixer) functionality, and in some ways better (more channels, being able to override control yourself in the control room, less cost, less wiring) but you still have to provide the outputs, headphone amps, remember to charge the devices or have them plugged in and so on.

This of course all depends on how well it works, what will happen when we get 8 cue sends and 8 people are connected via wifi controlling their cue mix, performance hit? smooth operation for everyone?

the other problem I see is the IOS upgrade, device upgrade, app upgrade cycles. if you have had a apple device for a decent number of years you will have already noticed some apps that you bought become unusable due to various updates

Ah, this is why I made these suggestions in the iCPro forum:

For the viewing of a limited number of tracks issue , one method could be for example… setting ICpro to only show groups to the performers. Then using the direct summing feature rather than the sends, assign all the drums to a drum group, bass to a bass group and so on, these groups are not sent anywhere, they just exist virtually, but the cue sends are only sent from these groups, not the individual channels. The performer then only gets a drums fader, bass fader, guitars fader, whatever you need for the project, Seems complicated, but if you had all ready to go in your template could be a workaround for now.

Yes, that would work I think.