Remove files with expired license?

Every time I open Cubase, I receive the popup:

“Some content could not be loaded. Either, licensees are missing, or trial licenses have expired”

Followed by a list of presets.

I believe I at some point accidentally downloaded some HALion presets (Symphonic orchestra, maybe sine padshop stuff too since I get the error when opening padshop) that I didn’t have a license for. How would I go about removing the old files and ensuring that I never receive this popup at startup again?

I have the same issue and the link above does not help.

I have no software installed with expired licenses and yet I get the notice when opening Cubase.

I have uninstalled and re-installed everything Steinberg and still get the notice.

It must be some kind of left-over in the registry, methinks, but cannot say for certain.

Help is needed.

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More info is needed…what’s in the error exactly?

Which presets is the error box showing?

Please, find attached a screenshot of the prompt.

I’m pretty sure these are residues of the Halion 6 demo I had on my system a month or so ago.

Eventually the demo was uninstalled. I don’t recall having any issues uninstalling it.

Here’s the error I (OP) see:

And yes, the provided link when you click “More Details…” doesn’t help me.

@ Alviras - Go to C:/ProgramData/VST3Presets/Steinberg Media Tech and if there is a Halion subfolder, delete it.

@Cube100…not a Mac user but I think your location may be Library/Audio/Presets…see if you find the presets in there and delete (you can always rename the sub folder if you’re unsure and see if it fixes the message)

Thank you very much for the tip.

The exact paths in my case were the following:

  1. C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\
  2. C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\

That’s where the culprit presets took their abode.

Once deleted and Cubase restarted, the program will show a prompt asking whether the missing presets should be located, ignored, or removed. Choosing the third option completes the clean-up.

Mac path: Library > Application Support > Steinberg > Content.

So exactly as described in the article I linked in the first post :confused: :slight_smile:

Correct. Never disputed that.

Nope, those folders are totally empty on my Mac system