Remove floating menu bar in windows

No, you should not follow the manual for this ! :man_facepalming:
It asks to enable Release Driver, but this setting should always be kept disabled. I have even made a guide that explains the reasons behind it because a lot of people get confused by what the user manual says. I don’t understand why this setting still wasn’t removed from Cubase after all this time, it’s just another remaining of the past and it has absolutely no use by now. Other DAWs don’t have such setting, and other Audio Interface manufacturers even recommend to disable Exclusive Mode in Windows, instead Steinberg just keep doing the opposite and it is totally counter-productive…

@isdavid If you want to avoid audio issues please follow the following guide :

PS : The damn “floating bar” can be reduced by simply clicking the bottom right corner of your screen to invoke the desktop…

And, Cubase does this because it gives the user the possibility to load and work on multiple Projects at once, and not a lot of DAW can do that. The “immovable bar” is the main Cubase window and this is where it displays the different Menus like File, Edit, etc, exactly the same it does on MAC. And can the Menus be moved on a MAC ? Not at all, actually I’ve never seen a single MAC user complaining about this.

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