'Remove from list' and Can't clean up recent project via HUB Cubase 11 Pro

The Hub’s ‘Remove from list’ don’t work. Just that :slight_smile:

Just noticed the same thing on my system.

Are the project names stored in an .xml-file (so that we can manually edit them)?

Yep, the Recents “Remove From List” feature in the Project Assistant is broken.
BaseCu wrote:

Are the project names stored in an .xml-file (so that we can manually edit them)?

Unfortunately, the Hub/Project Assistant doesn’t have it’s own .xml in Prefs. The .xml this info resides in, is the “Defaults.xml.”
It’s near the bottom of the .xml. If you open the .xml and do a Find for:

<member name=“GRecentDocumentPaths”>

…that’ll put you right at the start of the Recents list. And yes, you can edit it successfully to remove unwanted listings from the Recents list, but you have to be careful about where you snip stuff out. I would highly recommend saving a copy of the original Defaults.xml before attempting this stunt, in case you screw it up.

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Worked like a charm – thanks!

I use notepad++ to edit XML files. Makes it easier than the normal editor.

My remove from list does not work either.

Same here.

I noticed this as well. It is annoying when you have many backup projects.

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Same thing here. Noticed it from first upgrading to 11.0 Pro. I still have 10.5 Pro, works fine with version.

I regret to report that I as well am experiencing this issue.


Yep! Me too. Lets get this sorted as the assistant is getting full already.

Same here in cubase 11

Ditto! This is super annoying when looking through older projects and now they are stuck forever lol

This bug just started for me.

Thanks for the tip @Frank_Heller. That fixed it for me too.

I have the same problem. It would be great if Steinberg could upgrade the ‘remove from list’ feature in the hub to enable users to select multiple projects for removing, ie. [command/select] for multiple individual projects and [shift/select] for consecutive projects. It does seem very inconvenient and perhaps beyond normal expectations for users of Cubase to find and edit the Defaults.xml file.

Januari 27, not working anymore for me neither. Any fix news?

Still not working with the latest update. Unbelievable!

Fix coming in next update says Matthias Quellmann in the main C11.0.10 Maintenance announcement thread

“The Next Update”? I’m sorry, but that is not good enough. How long will we have to wait for the next update?? I already have an unwieldy list of projects and updated projects.

It is difficult for me to imagine how it might happen before the next update. :wink:

And… at least for we Nuendo people, it’s reportedly coming pretty soon.