Remove the Mac-style menu bar on PC

Please just let the menu bar be in the window where it belongs and not in the top-of-the-screen Mac style ugly abomination that I have to explicitly close even after closing my project window (which should close the program as in all other Windows programs)

Emulating the poor design decisions of the Mac on a PC does not fly.


Yes! Indeed!! And let the whole program be capable of stretching over two monitors, which has been my workflow for ten years!! Why it cannot be is beyond my comprehension. This is the biggest fix required in the HISTORY of Steinberg!

LOL :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Once you go MAC, YOU NEVER GO BACK…

+1 for this FR.


From my end, I run away from macs since I teach In Mac based audio labs.

+1 for op request


I work with Cubase frequently, and on both Mac and Windows systems (once you have Mac, you actually go back and forth quite a lot…).

It helps that the GUIs are consistent.

So if it must be changed, please make it an option only.

Fair enough. But then we should suggest Steinberg to implement standard Windows-style menu on Cubase for Mac. Not the other way around as they did. There are many more Windows users than Mac users after all.

Agree to this, and there is no need to mess with stuff that is working ok imo…there is always a pandoras´box waiting to be opened when doing changes.


+1 Here. I also don’t like this Mac-like menu bar. I have no Idea why do they made it?!
In my personal opinion, Steinberg must works more closely with the customers, and to ask the, by using question polls, about every new feature. To work more with composers like Hans Zimmer and Harry-Gregson Williams /for the composing/midi side/, and for the audio mixing and mastering, to ask guys like Dave Pensado and Fab Dupont…
For better coding, they could hire better programmers, to make their products more stable…
Just few important things to make Steinberg the best on the market…

Implementing change that will actively annoy a significant minority of users seems like a bad idea to me.

If the status quo is a problem for existing users, then offering end users more control over customising their GUI would appear to me to be a more sensible solution all round.

You and me both.



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do it

yes, just do it.

You can change it by double clicking on the upper border of the window

but it resets every time you open C8

+10000 on this… :wink:

It resets? Not by me.If i close and reopen the program it remain as i closed.And after restarting my pc its in the same view as i closed.

I agree, that bar sucks!