remove USB copy protection

Who else is annoyed by the USB copy protection? Lots of us have mobile studios, or more than one studio, and I am praying each time I have to take my USB stick on the road not to lose it while plugging into my laptop.

Come on its 2018, I’m sure there are other ways to do this! ProTools have ditched the USB protection some while ago, why not Steinberg?

I’m also asking this because I see serious improvement in the latest versions and I finally can see Cubase as a great software.

I want that option to stay or I’m out.

It’s the most flexible copy protection out there (that actually works)

-1 I reluctantly stay with the USB eLicenser as it’s the only system I’m aware of that prevents software piracy. Nevertheless, there are some other ideas out there (for example, blockchain, or here). For laptops, you could also consider my solution and put it inside where it can’t get lost.

No, keep the USB protection, it is the best way to license a product. I can easily move the dongle between computers, the alternative of having software protection restricts use to only the one computer,

And I want a pony. I’m the one guy who never likes to rain on any one’s suggestion, but this is the ONE suggestion that is just ridiculous to ask of SB and should never even be allowed to be asked for at this point. In fact the Mods should probably have a NO DONGLE POSTS sticky at the top. I know how it sounds, but there have been at last check 9,939,827 pointless discussions about this and if you use SB products, this is just the deal.

It won’t be long and the ridiculousness of your post will be made clear. Things are going to change. For better or worse? Only time will tell.

Do you ever actually read any forum posts other than your own?

I don’t have any problems with using the USB-eLicenser, but I guess it’s a “deal breaker” for some folks.

I actually agree with this sentiment for now as there is currently no better option available, and while it was not the OP’s intention to rekindle this now decades-long debate, removing the USB anti-piracy protection is tantamount to voiding the investment of legitimate users. Putting a sticky to this effect would at least let new forum users know that this has already been discussed to death, and that the situation won’t change until SB decide to change it.

Enlighten us, please! What do you know that the rest of us don’t? Are you perhaps beta-testing a new and equally effective anti-piracy method that does not involve hardware protection?

No, but it has been mentioned several times recently in various forums/sub-forums that Steinberg is working on an alternative to the USB-eLicenser.

I never said anything about “equally effective”.

I never said this is something I desire.

I don’t have any problems with using the USB-eLicenser.

If my software protection gets cracked, I will not be happy.

Anything else I need to clarify for you?

Agreed… I’ve seen several posts from external mod RTP stating the Steinberg is working something new. Interesting for sure. :wink:

Like this one…

Regards :sunglasses:

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    Arturia, Native Instruments, Apple, Ableton , and especially U-HE are superior in their licensing schemes.

I hate it when I can’t use Cubase on my MacBook because I forgot my USB licenser…

All the other important DAW’s dont’ have this limitations. It’s old fashioned, and doesn’t help the legimate users.
To be honest, I will stop using Cubase when they don’t change their licensing system. I absolutely hate it…

The only reason I did not stop using Cubase is the very inspirational Chord Track.
But now PreSonus Studio One also has that…

+1 for an alternative

Fear of Cubase being cracked is one of the reasons Cubase is so good. The hackers that cracked the elicenser/Steinberg key the first time admitted that it took them 2 years to crack it. So Steinberg simply makes a new full version every two years and a 0.5 update every year. I made a humerous timeline from Wikipedia Cubase release dates and which ones were cracked to show how it made them update Cubase more often. This is good because it forces them to come up with better workflow ideas for us. It could be a coincidence but I like to think the conversation at Steinberg went something like this:

Cubase sx3 2005 - cracked
“Quick make a new version”
Cubase 4 2006 - came out in less than one year. Did not get cracked.
“Ah, it must of been a fluke, they can’t do it again”
Cubase 4.5 2008 (two year gap) - steinberg got lazy
Cubase 5.0, Jan 2009
Cubase 5.0.1 April 2009 (cracked) 3 years since version 4 was out.
“Oh sh*t it wasn’t a fluke, quick make a new version.”
Cubase 5.5, June 2010 (only one year gap for new version)
Panicking: “hurry make a new version, they might crack this one too”
Cubase 6.0 Jan 2011 (less than 6 months for new version)
New policy probably impimented, “we need to put out a major update every year at least a .5 or whole number so that by the time the software can be cracked, it will be outdated”
Cubase 6.5 Feb 2012
Cubase 7.0 Dec 2012
Cubase 7.5 Dec 2013
Cubase 8.0 Dec 2014
Cubase 8.5 Dec 2015
Cubase 9.0 Dec 2016
Cubase 9.5 Nov 2017

So thank you hackers for putting a little fear into Steinberg so they are forced to come up with good ideas every year to make Cubase better.

Here is what I would suggest though. Put out every 5 or 6 year old versions for free. Why? because pro’s want the new version so let the kiddies play with the old version, the old versions were still ahead for it’s time so when people play with it they will be amazed. Tell them every time they open it in a big font “Cubase Legacy - Vintage 2012 - Free Edition”, smaller font but maybe in red or something, “non-commercial use only” , then when they get more serious, they will buy the new version. Plus, only give out 32 bit versions of the old versions so they can get a feel for it but not do anything too crazy and want to update. Also, push occasional nag/popup ads in it, like wish you had ……… [insert later versions feature], maybe sometimes have a promo code popup for a discount, "congratulations, you have used Cubase for ….[number of hour/days/minutes here] use the promo code…… to update get a discount on the latest version of Cubase. And then maybe some funny nag things “Why live in the past, when you can have the DAW of the future?”, “Don’t you wish you could be more efficient?” “You can’t be the best producer without the best tools.” Get the latest Cubase now… Etc…

Also, the pro’s can install this version along side our new versions too, incase their dongle breaks in the middle of a session or we travel with our laptop and forget our dongle at home or in the studio. I suspect if they were to do this, their sales would slowly increase as it’s just free word of mouth advertising and let’s face it, it’s the kids who are armatures pretending to be pro that have most of the ‘production’ videos on youtube and they are all using cheaper software which just advertises those products. So many kids think ‘Ableton’ is the best, or ‘Logic’ lol, if only they knew what Cubase could do, it’s light years ahead.

I think this is the last awesome free advice I’ll give Steinberg for a while. I usually think they won’t do it but sometimes they do my ideas so you never know.

I second the removal if hardware it just sticks out of the laptop side ready to get knocked off, or it takes ups. port space
can’t they use a software ilok like other apps?

-1. Dongles are the most secure & convenient copy protection, imo.

My only fear with the dongle is breaking it, it’s already a cracked leaning tower of pisa.

See License management and the future of the eLicenser – changes ahead