Removing HSO

Hello all,

I have been trialling HSO with my Halion Sonic and the trial period has now ended. The problem is everytime I load HS I now get a warning about expired licencse for HSO and then a list of all the missing files.
After reading about HSO here, and the fact that I dont really need it because HS does the same things (amost) I really want to remove but I cant find the file locations!!
And since the messages have been showing (from tonight!) I cant get HS working!!! Its loading but nothing happens when I use my keyboard (Oxygen 25) which has been working fine until now!!!
Any body got any ideas? Do I need to uninstall then reinstall Halion Sonic?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Jim B

Check these topics:


I was looking for the file locations instead ofjust removing the HSO program from control panel, then un-install menu!!!

Anyway HSO gone, no more messages and keyboard working again???

Thanks for your assistance and sorry to have bothered you!!

Jim B

I’m glad your problem is now resolved.