Rename MIDI CCs?

Is there a way to rename what MIDI CC’s are called? For example, CC3 is just called (control 3), but I would like to rename this “humanize” as I use it for humanize functions in VSL.

Is this possible?

It’s not currently possible…

I’d love to be able to do this as I use the controller lanes a lot, things can get quite confusing.

There is a workaround, expand lanes, add a midi part, rename it (ie humanise) and then edit the controller lane in that part.

Not ideal, but it works.

Yes i’d liked it too, not possible at the moment unfortunately.
It’s true that without a real name we can get confusing when use many, and thing would be much easer like giving the name we want as for exemple filter instead cc21 and etc, etc…

Has this been addressed in 7 or 7.5 ?

Maybe there’s a hack for that? I mean, the controller lane says e.g. “CC 28 (Control 28)”. How useful is that? Surely there’s a resource somewhere with the string that can be changed to “CC 28 (Whatever)”?


No, but funny you mention that as I had just put in this feature request in the feature request forum. We’ve been asking for it for ages. Maybe one day.

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+1 please.

Is this possible in 8.05?

I have noticed that this has been requested for many years already?

when working with midi CC’s, I tend to create a separate midi track for each.
So, if you have a track called DrumZ with all your midi notation create another midi track pointing to the same VSTi.
Then hit record and add your CC3 to Only that track. Double click on the track name and rename it Drumz Humanise CCs
Just a thought.

Thanks Neil, but this is how it was done before Controller Lanes, which is one of the reason I switched to Cubase in the first place :slight_smile:

Apologies !
Neil B

None needed :slight_smile:

I created an account for this forum Just so I could Bump this thread! :slight_smile:

Is it somehow suddenly possible in 8.5, or anyone knowing of some hack to create custom CC lane labels?
I’m just on a trial of elements right now, but not being able to do this is pretty much a “deal-breaker” for me…

I tried different things before posting this, more than three years ago.

The closest I got was looking inside the preferences file called RAMPresets.xml, which stores all your Controller Lane presets. Each entry looks like this, unfortunately it only stores the CC reference number, not the name (in this case, four lanes for CCs 83, 11, 2 and 1):

<obj class="FPreset" ID="107202384201664">
                     <string name="Name" value="TBE" wide="true"/>
                     <obj class="PControllerLaneSetup" name="Object" ID="107202407209152">
                        <list name="LaneInfo" type="obj">
                           <obj class="TControllerLaneDef" ID="107202398581216">
                              <int name="Height" value="50"/>
                              <int name="View Mode" value="6"/>
                              <int name="Controller" value="83"/>
                           <obj class="TControllerLaneDef" ID="107202398615648">
                              <int name="Height" value="110"/>
                              <int name="View Mode" value="6"/>
                              <int name="Controller" value="11"/>
                           <obj class="TControllerLaneDef" ID="107202398581248">
                              <int name="Height" value="110"/>
                              <int name="View Mode" value="6"/>
                              <int name="Controller" value="2"/>
                           <obj class="TControllerLaneDef" ID="107202398544192">
                              <int name="Height" value="128"/>
                              <int name="View Mode" value="0"/>
                              <int name="Controller" value="1"/>
                     <int name="Unrenamed" value="1"/>

The name of the lane which is actually displayed seems to be hard-coded into the Cubase application itself, but I haven’t a clue where or in which encoding. I couldn’t find any reference to it anywhere in the various preferences files, in the Cubase application bundle or in the actual Cubase executable (in which I made several ASCII searches for “BankSel” and “DataEnt” which are CCs with names not likely to be found in another context).

Don’t worry though, it’s only been three years since I asked. Steinberg will hopefully react given a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks Altostratus.

Yeah, I will just be patient then… :wink:

In 2017 and with Cubase Pro 9.0.30, there’s still who need this (me)
Steinberg, please!

Just curious. Is this a limitation of the MIDI spec? I mean, is this feature available in other DAWs? It’s never occurred to me before that this would be useful

It has no relation to the MIDI specs, it’s just the way the CC numbers are represented in the software (like a paint application displaying RGB values 255 255 255 with the text “White”).

My first reply to this post dates back more than three years. My advice? Don’t hold your breath.


As useful it could be to rename CC or simply add a label, it’s not going to happen. Did Steinberg read this forum anyways? There are tons of useful (and old) suggestions and none of that have been implemented by them. At least this is my impression…

This is what everyone ask for long time it seems) +1