Rename Multiple Mixer Channels?


New user here - just in the process of migrating across from Logic.

Can anybody advise if there’s an easy way to rename multiple channels in the mixer? For example, if I create 100 channels which I need to handle synths from Vienna Ensemble Pro, can I somehow rename them ‘Synth 1’ to 100 without having to name them all individually?

Thanks for any help.


use the Project Logical Editor for this…
its in menu-> edit open the project logical editor…
inside the PLE go to presets-> naming folder and choose “rename and renumber audio tracks” preset

now change the code there to your needs… and its ready to execute…

Many thanks - sounds like exactly what I need. Will give it a look when I’m back in ther studio tomorrow.

Thanks again.


Mozizo - I’m not finding the preset you mention, just a bunch of presets relating to visibility.

Can you perhaps tell me where I woudl find presets relating to track renaming? Can you also confirm that this will work with mixer output channels in the mix console, as well as with tracks in the Project window?

Thansk again for your help.


Blimey, when did Cubase get a Project Logical Editor? I’ve been using Logical Editor for years, but this one totally escaped me!


It´s the best thing since sliced bread, especially for the visibility stuff that really help you show and hide stuff very freely.

I only have the visibility presets as well though…Would love to have the missing naming presets and others


Me too.

I’m not seeing presets relating to track renaming. I would be interested in this function too.

From what I can make out, the renaming function works for tracks in the project window, but not ouput channels in the Mixer. That said, I’m totally new to Cubase so I could be missing something.

If anyone finds out how to rename multiple mixer channels in one hit, I’d still be hugely grateful as I have a 1000 track template to try and rebuild.


I’m just wondering if there is an answer to the topic of this thread?

Mozizo suggested the project logical editor. Maybe I should look it up in the pdf but I can’t find presets relating to track re-naming.

look at this topic… i think it should help with PLE presets too !

im not sure if its possible to rename outputs with PLE… didn’t see a way to do it there.
maybe steveinchicago knows !! he is kind of cubase guru :exclamation: :slight_smile:

My ears were burning. :laughing: The trick about this is that Instrument returns are automation channels.

note Boolean ‘And’
the line with ‘Kt’ limits it to channels with Kt in the name.

And for the record, vic_france hipped me to a lot of the stuff I now know regarding the PLE, LE and Score Editor over the years, so it’s he who’s the guru. :stuck_out_tongue:

:laughing: :laughing: i knew u are the man…!! :wink:

maybe i’m wrong but to rename the outputs i had first to make them visible in the project window(i do it in kind of workaround thing, i select all of them Q-link them,write enable them move them up and down to zero again and all show up in the output folder in project window, only then i could change their name with PLE)

Now all I need is to be able to rename using regular expressions to select parts of the current name and formatable replaceable parameters, like project name, create date, modify date, track name, lane number, position, and I could have one preset that would rename all my files at once.

Or perhaps make project files (.cpr) XML and I could write my own transforms.

Yes, that would be very good, like Variables in the Score Editor. (of which a few more wold be nice!)

Sorry to be dredging this up again Mozizo, but I cannot get my output tracks to appear in the project window. I’ve done what you suggested, grouped them together then written some automation to them, but I see no output tracks in the Project Window at all, and no option to show them in the track type filter. What am I missing?

And you’re correct, unless I too am missing something, Steve’s extremely helpful PLE template does not work on instrument outputs channels in the Mixer. I assume that until they’re in the project window, the PLE doesn’t see them.

Thanks again for your help.


Does anyone know how to rename multiple selected tracks in the project window?

Never tried that, but CTRL + click allows to select multiple tracks - so maybe doing that & then naming?
Give it a try.

It does work and here is how

I’m not sure this works for instrument output channels, but I’ll give it another look today.

Thanks for the pic.