Renaming of instruments is ignored. Bug? (Dorico Elements


I usually prefer the German names Sopran or Alt over the standard values: Soprano and Alto. Unfortunately my attempts to rename these instruments are getting ignored in the current version (Dorico Elements Has not been a problem in Dorico Elements 4 or 5.0)

I can remove the “o” in the detail window, but even though I click Ok, the new name “Sopran” is not saved. The next time I open the window, the name is unchanged, still “Soprano”.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Martin_Be and welcome to the Forum!
I tried out, and I can confirm this (unexpected) behaviour in Dorico Elements.

As a temporarily workaround you can rename the Player (instead of the Instrument), and choose the Staff Label to show Player names for the desired staves in Layout options>Staves and Systems>Staff Labels:

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Hi @Christian_R,

hey, really clever. Thank you very much for the screen shot / 1st class workaround. This way I’ve been able to achieve the desired result. :+1: and can patiently wait and see if the next update brings back the function I’m used to.

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Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this regression bug. We’ll make sure this gets fixed as soon as possible.


For the time being @Martin_Be , does this procedure of changing the instrument language for all instruments in the project work for you?


Hi Lillie_Harris,

I am happy to confirm it works. Dorico proves once again that it offers a wide range of setting options and more alternative routes to the desired destination than you might think at first glance. :smiley:

That’s great! And almost certainly a quicker and easier method than renaming each instrument manually for you in general, too.

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Bug fixed. I can confirm that Dorico saves changed names correctly, as I was used to in versions before 5.1 :+1:.
Great job. Thank you very much!