Renaming Tracks with PLE

Hi, so I have 40-50 tracks coming back from VEP that are named by instrument, so Violin 1 Long, Violin 1 Short, Violin 2 Long, Violin 2 Short, French Horn, Clarinet etc.

And I want to add a sequential number to them. So 01 Violin 1 Long, 02 Violin 1 Short, 03 Violin 2 Long, 04 Violin 2 Short etc using the Logical Editor.

I figured out how to change the entire name and generate a sequential number using the “Generate Name” function, however it doesn’t prepend my current name, it just replaces it, so I loose the instrument name.

“Violin 1 Long”, changes to “01”.

Is there a way to preserve my current names and prepend them with a sequential number?

I have to do this for 50+ sessions so a PLE would be amazing.

Not really. If you wanted to add the same text to each name I think you could. One of the PLE example Presets is for removing the “(R)” that Render In Place adds to the name of the Tracks it creates. Unfortunately none of the Logical Editors (or even Macros) support the use of variables, which have long been requested.

What is your purpose in appending the numbers? Perhaps there is another way to get there.

Hi raino, thanks for the response. I was worried that might be the case.

My purpose is so that when I export the tracks, they stay in order so I can drop them into pro tools on the correct tracks easily.

It’s a bit of a pain to make, but I could create a 50 something step macro that renames everything sequentially 01, 02, 03, 04 and then goes back and adds in the correct instrument name per track. But that’s a lot of PLE preset saving and then adding them all into a Macro in order.

Unless you’ve got a better idea!

The other option is to use Keyboard Maestro to rename all the tracks, but I was hoping the PLE could do it, as I’ve found that to be more reliable than KBM.


Go for this PLE:

Filter Target
( Media Type is | Equal | MIDI | And // I expect, you are talking about MIDI or Instrument tracks...
Container Type is | Equal | Track )

Action Target
Name | Prepend | Renumber 1

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That worked!

Thank you =)