Render in place bug:rendered item longer than original item.

Hi, as you can see from the attached picture, I rendered in place an audio channel but the rendered file shows a tiny (1 sample circa) added portion of audio at its end.

I’m posting here after having read the manual and having looked for info on the “Issues” Section of this forum without finding anything useful related to this very annoying problem.

Is this a bug or am I missing something being my first sessions with Cubase?
I have to add that I tried to reproduce this bug several times in the last 24 hours but I didn’t succeed.

EDIT:Please also look here:
There are at least 4 different users encountering this issue at the moment.

This thing has to be investigated and discussed.
To everyone reading this thread :please test for yourself and report here.
UPDATE:Bug identified and 100% reproducible, look here:

Thanks for your attention.


It is not a bug, works as intended please read the official reply:

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