Render in Place distorting and defaulting to Stereo Out despite my settings

Hi there!

So here’s a weird one, would love if anyone knows a fix to this!

RIP (Render In Place) spits out a distorted/clipped square wave version of whatever I"m trying to render in my project, like say kick drum or snare. The only work around to this I’ve found that consistently stops the bug is to duplicate the respective track, select both the source and duplicate tracks, and then use ‘RIP’ on both and it will then properly render both the source and duplicate tracks, all with proper routing/processing and zero distortion. It would seem like ‘Render In Place’ will forget settings and just automatically export distorted audio files automatically routed to ‘Stereo Out’ even though I have buses and FX routing enabled. Weird!

I’m on Win10, i9 10980XE, 128 GB ram, everything running on fast SSDs so it’s most definitely not my system specs. Cubase 11 Pro fully updated to latest.

Buffer is normally 512 or 1024, ASIO Guard ON. Changing ASIO guard settings does nothing.

Changing RIP settings seems do do very little. The only workaround when this happens is to just duplicate the tracks and do used RIP on both as mentoned above. This adds extra time and nuisance to my workflow!

Anybody else have this issue? Thanks in advance!

Do you happen to be using Direct Routing?

We need to see your RIP settings and some information about the sources to get an idea what could be wrong…

Yes I am. I have tracks being sent to subgroups which then go to the Stereo Out.

It’s not a gain-staging issue if that’s what you’re wondering. All audio hitting subgroups is gained to -18 dB, no clipping is happening unless I intend for it to happen.

RIP settings are as follows:

Mode: As One Event
Processing: Channel Settings
Tail Mode: Seconds
Tail Size: 10
Bit Depth: 24 Bit

“Mix Down to One Audio File” is disabled, but doesn’t seem to affect this bug, I’ve had it happen both with and without it enabled.

The sources that give me the most grief are midi tracks running orchestral samples, whether it’s with Kontakt, Spitfire’s sampler, or Sine Player. It seems to be memory intensive tracks more often than not. I rarely have this happen with soft-synths, which leads me to think it’s more memory related?

I’ve tried bouncing RIP with no plugins on and off, again it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. I usually have to duplicate the track, re-attempt the RIP process and see if it worked. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

I should also add (and again this is completely my own anecdote here) that this problem seems to have increased in frequency with Cubase 11, it didn’t happen anywhere nearly as frequently with Cubase 10. Just in case anyone else has similar behavior or experienced this.

It is probably not related, but just in case - when I use Render In Place with Direct Routing if the enabled Destination is anywhere but in the first Slot the result is a blank file. Not distorted like in your case but you might check and see if changing the Slot has any impact on your distortion.

Interesting! Sadly I use only the first slot in the Direct Routing, so not running into this particular issue. The blank tracks though is also something I have happen sometimes! Good to know this is also an identified bug (or feature?!).