Render In Place problem when using Direct Routing

Render In Place produces a blank audio file when 1) Direct Routing is used AND 2) A slot other than the top Direct Routing slot is selected.

In the pic below all of the source MIDI Tracks are identical except for their Direct Routing settings. The green Tracks successfully Rendered and you can see their destinations are all in the top slot. The orange Tracks failed to render and you can see they are all routed to destinations not in the top slot. It doesn’t matter what the actual destination is, just the slot it is in. For example Track 3 successfully renders when set to Buss 2 in the top slot. But Track 4 doesn’t render to the same buss when it is in the 3rd slot down.

This attached zip file has 2 versions of the test Project - pre & post render.

Render Direct (2.1 MB)


Yes, Render in Place takes the 1st output slot only.

I hope that is an oversight* rather than a design decision. Render in Place shouldn’t care where or how the audio gets routed downstream.

*that gets corrected of course


I’m just thinking of the Summing Mode. What result would you expect, if the Summing Mode is enabled and multiple outputs would be enabled. Let’s say you Render the whole signal path. Would you expect multiple exports then? Just curious… Thank you.

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While I have used Summing Mode on occasion, it’s not the reason I generally use Direct Routing (which primarily is the capability to easily see and change the Routing). So I hadn’t even considered Summing Mode. But it’s an interesting point.

Seems like there would be several different cases when using Summing Mode

  1. Render a Track “Dry” without applying any effects. This should produce a single Rendered Audio Track (like normal) and just like the Inserts are replicated on the Rendered Track the Direct Routing section should also be replicated.
  2. Render a Track using “Channel Settings” should also produce a single Audio Track with its Direct Routing replicated.
  3. Render a Track using either of the “Complete Signal Path” options seems to call for producing multiple Rendered Tracks, one for each DR Destination. Cubase has to assume that the various signal paths will be different, and there is no way to accommodate those differences without multiple files being produced. It seems like anyone who’d use this configuration would want it to produce multiple files - or why else use these settings.

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I would recommend to make a new thread with the whole description of all scenarios and add the feature-request tag.