Render In Place File name should be automatic

Unless i can’t find it, I’d like the file name of the Render In Place audio to match the track name. That would beat untitled or having to manually type it in…

+1… It would be very nice…

if not implemented ofcourse +1 for schema name for the render in place

Go into the Cubase>Edit>Render In Place>Render Settings>Render Tracks menu and “lock” the “Name” field by clicking on the “lock”. When this field is “locked” the “…tracks and the file names of the rendered tracks will be derived from the track name”. The track and file name will be truncated with the ®.

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Awesome. Will give that a shot. Thanks for the info!

CORRECTION: The rendered file name does not appear to be derived from the track name… it appears to come from the MIDI event name… I would prefer it’s the track name… perhaps a preference for a future version?

You are right. I never noticed this issue because I always have my track and event file named the same. This is either a bug or the little pop up information box that comes up when you hover your cursor over the lock is worded wrong. Either way, I submitted this bug report.

This is the test I did…
Created an instrument track named VB3. Recorded some stuff onto it. The event was automatically named VB3. I changed the event name to VB4. Saved the project then did a render in place with the Name field in the settings box left as “untitled” and the lock in the “locked” position.

The resultant rendered track name should have been VB3 ® and the audio file name should have been named VB3 ®.


The resultant rendered track was named VB3 ® and the audio file was named VB4 ®.

So the file name is wrong if you are basing your wants on the information that pops up when you hover your cursor over the lock which states… “If locked, the track and file names of the rendered tracks will be derived from the track names.”

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This would speed up workflow.



In the process of making stems for export (library stuff). Cubase makes this a LOT harder than it needs to be, and this could really use some attention.