rendering a VST track - what's the easiest way?


I know I can ‘freeze’ a VST instrument, and that will actually create an audio track.
Now, what I would like to do (in Cubase Essential 4) is to actually have a rendered audio track of my VST instrument track as a real visible audio track in Cubase, so I can actually close the VST-plugin altogether and just work on the audio track.

How I did this so far: I ‘froze’ the VAST instrument and then I went to the folder (freeze) where those frozen instrument tracks a saved and imported the audio track.
This works, but I was wondering if there is an easier way of letting this ‘freeze’ track to be rendered into Cubase directly?


I am not sure if your version has batch export or not. If it does, just select that track and use the batch export. If it does not, use the solo button for the track and export normally. I don’t recommend using the frozen audio file.
Not trying to bust your chops here but have you read the manual? This question should be covered in there.

Thanks !

I have not read the whole manual, but I looked this up, but did not find anything other than how to freeze the VST track.

Why is it bad to use a frozen track? is it of lesser quality?

I am not certain but I believe that if there are some silent areas in the file that Cubase will cut them out and use regions in order to shorten the freeze file. I am just going off of some things I have read from other posters and have no first hand knowledge of this though.

Personally, I just export audio back to Cubase. I only use the batch export if I want to export several tracks at once but if it’s one track at a time, I just solo the track as Jaslan mentioned and make sure the locators are at the beginning and end of the segment I want. That way, you can turn the VST instrument off but you’ll still have the midi info if you need to update.

OK, thanks !

Thanks !

So, basically I will have to export the audio first and then import it back in, there is no easier way, right?

Exporting the audio and importing it is done in one motion. When you export it, there is an option right on the bottom of the export dialog page that says “export back to Cubase.” Just check that option and it will automatically appear with it’s own track at the bottom of your arrange page.

Wow, great ! I never noticed this.

Thank you very much ! :slight_smile:

There’s another way as well!

  1. Create an audio track (stereo)
  2. Create a stereo Group track.
  3. Assign the output of the VSTi to go to the Group track.
  4. Assign the input of your new audio track to said Group track.
  5. Enable record on your new audio track and record it!

And you can watch it record realtime! I like to do this rather than export back into Cubase. Cuz then Cubase puts the track at the very bottom which is kind of a pain in the a$$. The only time I export back into Cubase is when its a super long part that would take 5-10 mins to record.

Give it try! I’ve never looked back!


Thank you !

I tried what you explained, but in Cubase Essential 4 this is not possible, I can not assign a group or an extra output to as an input of another track. Worked in Cubase 6, but unfortunately not in Essential 4.

Heck, I can’t even make that assignment with CB Studio 5.
Consider though, waiting for a realtime recording vs the 10 sec it takes to export back to CB then drag the track to where you want it.
At 130bpm, it took 15 sec to record 8 bars in real time. Anything longer obviously increases the wait.

Supposed to work in Studio. I don’t think its supposed to work in essentials though. I like the realtime recording however for things like BFD where I have each drum/cymbal mapped to a different audio track. This way I can record all tracks at once.


Hi Ron,
If you know how to do this in Studio, please enlighten me. The inputs of my audio tracks only allows the inputs of my interface. I also see an effect that could be inputted so maybe something’s assignable that I have not yet enabled. My group tracks only show stereo out, left and right, group tracks and effects as assignable output options.

I also have each of my drums assigned to a separate audio track. By exporting back to Cubase, I can record them all in seconds by using the batch export feature. If I had to wait for realtime recording, my work flow would more than quadruple.

It works the same way it does in Cubase full, which is the way explained by metl4ever

The other way round not the output-routing of a group is changed, but the input routing of the audio track.
No routing of stereo groups (or -busses) to mono audio tracks is possible though

As thinkingcap said - it is as described above. I have the full version so I have not tried it on Studio, but I’m positive that others have. One thing, the above procedure assumes that your VST output is stereo. If it is not then modify the above procedure to use all mono tracks. In the case of BFD I have a mix of mono and stereo outputs.

An alternate way to do the above is to create outputs and don’t assign them a physical output (well you could, but I don’t). You can then send the output of your VST to this new output. You can also assign the input of your audio track the new output. I actually do it this way instead of using group or fx tracks.


It’s #4 of metl4ever’s explanation that escapes me. As I mentioned, the input routing of my audio tracks doesn’t show any choices for group tracks.

My drums have the capability of mono or stereo outing also so that part of the procedure is possible for me.
What I haven’t approached is creating new outputs. Maybe that is the secret to audio track input availability.
I’ll have to read further into that.

Click Cubase then select Internal Summing