Rendering sliced and overlapping audio in place unmutes undesirably

Playing a section with sliced and overlapping audio events (some muted, others not) sounds one way. Then rendering in place unmutes unwanted events and the result sounds different.

Did anyone else come across this behavior?


If you have overlapped Audio Events, only one Audio Event is playing back. Isn’t this the reason?

What do you mean?

Look at it this way, I’ve comped a section and it sounds right.

Then when I render in place it sounds different as if other little events have been unmuted.

Why should it sound any different after a render in place?

For render in place what goes in must be what comes out, no?


Could you please attach a screenshot or even the project?

How does it look like before and after?

Ok, observe the main track (top row) has green where audio should be and the rest is muted.
Now, in the lane 3 there are faded green events but these are not in front, therefore are correctly not heard on the main track.

Now when I render these events – those faded green bits in the lane 3 become audible.


Hi, @Martin.Jirsak

I confirm this strange behavior. Case at hand : three records of a bass done successively with different notes, the last recorded (Bass DI_03) being muted. When I play the whole track content, as expected, I have a gap between and and, as Bass DI_03 is above Bass DI_01.

I select the three events :

Now I use the Audio > Bounce Selection command :

Result :

An audio event in which there is NO gap between and And playing it, I hear the Bass DI_01 content which was previously muted by the Bass DI_03 event, while still at the lanes stage. But maybe @zooterman and I are missing something…


We’re not missing anything. Render issues persist. Another issue is the strange muting of tracks after rendering, and the project needing a restart to hear them again - and not just the track that was rendered. But then the volume mix is not maintained when the project is reopened!

I confirm this issue. On my setup (Cubase Pro 13.0.40, Windows 11) it behaves exactly as @zooterman and @cubic13 describe. The “Treat Muted Audio Events like Deleted” option appears to be automatically enabled before rendering, when in fact it is not! In addition, the original comping is affected by the Render in Place function and, after the rendering, it sounds like the rendered audio - now the muted event is heard.

Why did @steve close the other thread?

The other thread also mentioned another major issue to do with rendering, and it combined both of these issues in one thread.

Must we forget about the other issue then? Too bad for us paying customers then, eh?

Because, one subject per topic.

Seriously, this isn’t necessary or factual and doesn’t help.

Neither does the render being broken.

The CPU is maxed on the project and rendering is not reliable so I’m stuck. So I’m highlighting how that might cost one’s time and money.

I know you’re not Steinberg, but the DAW shouldn’t be getting releases with broken rendering.

In a professional setting one would revert to a working version while waiting for the fix.

Tried that, where the project did not translate exactly.

Also, a professional program should not have these problems.

Why always on the defensive? You’d be more helpful if you listened closer to user experience than defending the major bugs that we all need a fix for, for everyone’s benefit.

It looks like there is probably enough user info here for the devs to reproduce the bug(s), so I’ll close this for the moment. A staff member can post and/or reopen as needed.

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