Repeat bar line and time signature

When I’m creating a repeat bar line and at the same time changing the time signature, Dorico comes up with the time signature showing before and outside the repeat bar line.

Does anyone know how can I get around to have with the time signature after and inside the repeat bar line instead?

IIRC you cannot currently reposition the time signature change before a repeat.

Above topic is two years old, however I still encounter this problem if I combine a time signature change and a repeat bar (see images).
Screenshot_time signature
Any solutions yet? Thanks!

I’m not sure Dorico considers this a situation that needs to be solved since it relates to common current practice according to some authorities. If they have reconsidered for future change, I’m sure they will let that be known at the proper time. So far, I am not aware that they have.

@Derrek - Thanks for your reply!
I just wonder to what ‘authorities’ Dorico might relate? I literally never came across a notation with a single barline first, then time signature and after that the repeat barline.

Well, if you read the thread Derrek talks about, Daniel Spreadbury gives all the details (Behind Bars, pp 233-235)
If you’re not familiar with Elaine Gould’s work, maybe it’s a good time :wink:
I own a hard copy, but I also bought it as an ebook on Amazon, cheaper and portable !

While I too have seen it done otherwise, this was the “correct” convention even in the handcopying days. Here’s the relevant passage from the Ken Williams book:

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And Ted Ross. Ross doesn’t appear to have any mid-system examples but there are several other examples at the starts of systems, all of which put the time signature before the repeat.

Gardner Read too …

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Last one - Boosey & Hawkes: