Repeat barlines and meter change

Is this the only way this can look atm? Wouldn’t it better if the meter was inside the repeat barline instead of having these two barlines?

Thanks in advance
repeat bar and time signature change.png

Preferably after the barline but before the dots.
Unless there is an option for this somewhere that I can’t find.
The current behaviour doesn’t pin the meaning of the time sig change forwards. This is especially a problem if the other end of the repeat is in a different sig before going back to repeat.

We’re not currently planning any options for this. Dorico handles these situations the way Gould recommends (see pages 233–235) which seem eminently logical to us. We do still need to do some more work in this area in order to handle changes of key, time and clef at the end of a repeated section such that you need to be able to indicate which will be in force when you jump backwards, and this is planned for when we have more comprehensive support for repeat structures.

Finale does it the same way and I’ve lived with that - apart from the odd time I’ve kludged it for clarity. I always wrote them after the line, before the dots by hand, and have never liked the ‘spare’ bar line.

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