Repeated Installation Crash of Library Manager Prevents Upgrade to Cubase 12

Having downloaded and installed the latest Steinberg Download Assistant on my up-to-date Windows 10 PC, I attempted to upgrade to Cubase 12 Pro numerous times, and failed, every time. The software downloaded just fine, but it would not install – either from the “Install” button in the Download Assistant, or directly, from the Windows environment.

Each time, an error dialog announced, “Steinberg Library Manager is not present on this machine. Please install it and try again.”

I had watched the installer for the Download Assistant announce “Updating Steinberg Library Manager”, but perhaps that failed behind the scenes.

In response, I downloaded the Library Manager directly from Steinberg, and attempted to install it, and the installation crashed – every time. It would get to the second dialog box, “Please wait while the installation program is initializing…” and then immediately fail. Nothing got installed.

I tried several things like Safe Mode installs, cleaning out remnants of older versions, etc, but nothing worked.

So, has anyone out there seen and solved this, or do I need to start a problem ticket?

FWIW, same experience here. I get a popup when attempting to install the Library Manager. The session logs indicate application error. Looks like a null object access in the setup. I also purged all references to the Library Manager from regedit as well as any old Halion library manager variables. And, purged the disk of both. No difference.