Replace audio file in pool

it seems there’s not an option to replace an existing audio file in the pool with a new file version. Is there any chance?

Thank you.

No. There is no need for this…
the pool is the “store” that holds all files related to the project, used and unused (replaced, overwritten by new takes, deleted from the timeline)
the project window is the important place

Well, if there is no need for this is your opinion. Instead it needs here in my case…

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this is no opinion, this is a fact…
this is due to the functionality of the pool
or we talk about a different thing?

We’re probably talking about a different thing… e.g.: replace a song mix with the same song that has just been updated, keeping the same file name. Instead, Cubase, as now, creates a “filename-01.wav”, instead I need simply to replace “filename.wav” with an updated version, without creating a new file with a new name.

However, I think it’s not possible as today… Thanks anyway

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Why you need this in the pool?
Cubase can indeed overwrite the file during an export, without creating a new file name.
But not in the pool…
The setting is in the export window,
choose the same file name then you get asked if you want to replace the file.

It’s maybe long now to explain why I need it, however that’s what I need. I can do it, for example, in Sony Vegas Pro (when working on a video project).

I know I can do it during mixdown.

It doesn’t matter, Cubase can’t do it as today, we got it. Thanks for your feedback.

So you’re referring to this (where a “replace” button could come-in handy)":

Also, it would be less counter productive if you could replace the file directly in the pool window (right click the file and select a replace command).

Like this

The reason why this method would be more desirable is because you wouldn’t have to make sure that the new file is named identically as the one you’re trying to replace.

Let’s hope this would be added to Cubase in future versions.

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Yes, exactly this!
The “Replace” function is what I meant and looking for…
Let’s hope that @Steinberg_Service will add this feature.

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