BUG: Media Pool fails to update audio clip length when file changes outside of Nuendo

repro steps:

  1. create/reuse a wav file that is short (5 seconds) named Test.wav and put it in a folder called ‘shortwave’
  2. create/reuse a wav file that is longer (30 seconds) named Test.wav and put it in a folder called ‘longwave’
  3. create a folder called ‘ReferencedAudio’ and drag the Test.wav from the ‘shortwave’ folder into it
  4. create a Nuendo session and import (the shorter version of) Test.wav from the ReferencedAudio folder and drop it on a track. In the Pool, notice the length, location and name of the file.
  5. Save and close Nuendo Session.
  6. Overwrite the contents of the ‘ReferencedAudio’ folder by copying the (30 second) Test.wav from the ‘longwave’ folder into it
  7. reopen the previous Nuendo session

Result = the pool continues to believe the audio file in the ReferencedMedia folder is 5 seconds even though it is now 30 seconds.

Desired result = audio that is altered in length (going from long to short is even worse as it can produce horrible playback bursts) offline from Nuendo should automatically update in the pool AND allow their corresponding event to be resized as they exist in the session, on tracks, just like Nuendo ALREADY DOES FOR VIDEO.

To be clear, we are not looking for a work-around or any change to our workflow. We are not interested in elaborate - ‘shift-click and redrag the same wav file into the Pool and then select new, and then repopulate all the tracks in your session with these new version in the Pool.’ Steinberg figured it out with Video - we know you can do the same with Audio! I’m not sure what Pro Tools does in this situation, but Reaper handles this exactly as Nuendo handles video.

Media Pool not updating when audio length changes

I love Nuendo, but this should have been fixed a LONG time ago. Here’s a shout out to all the Cubase/Nuendo lovers that have come before me with this issue and been dismissed one way or another on this forum…

@SoundsLikeJoe , @jeff.ray , @thomas2000 , @BenjaminWynn , @dragon17 , @VH_WM


I second his motion. Please find a FIX for this. We should be able to update file data in pool with a rescan or etc.