Replace main Cubase Icon?

I currently have Cubase 9.5 and Cubase 10 icons showing on my Mac taskbar. The icons are identical…no change was made by Steinberg between 9.5 and 10. This and can lead to confusion as to which one is for which program sometimes. Can one of the icons be replaced with a custom icon?
I know where the Cubase.icns file is located and in some earlier versions of Cubase I used to be able to replace it by creating my own .icns file, but around version 8, that no longer worked. Has anyone found a solution for avoiding identical icons?

in windows, I can change any icon for any program… dunno about mac - it is a system thing - cubase does not manage system icons…


It would be great if they gave us a couple of options. Many different versions might be installed from AI/LE to Pro and different numbered versions. It would also be great for Halion and Halion Sonic…


You’re on a Mac. So am I. This is what I do.

I select the Cubase app, right click and choose Info. When the Info pane opens, I select the icon and copy it (Cmd C). Then I open Preview and paste it in. Using Preview’s rudimentary color editing, I change the icon coloring until I have something that looks reasonable and different enough from the original. When I’m satisfied, I save the edited Preview image. Then I select the main Preview image and copy it (CmdC), then go over to the still open Cubase App Info pane, select the icon and hit Paste (CmdV).

At this point the pane may pop up your Mac’s password prompt. Enter and done. If you get a no permissions prompt, unlock the app in the Info pane and set everything on the bottom to Read and enter your password if prompted.

If you have another image editor (like Photoshop or something, you can do more precise editing than Preview provides. I use Preview, because it does enough to make a difference and it deals with the pasted icon correctly…and quickly.

Many thanks for this. It makes sense and I’ll definitely try that tomorrow. I do have Photoshop, so altering the current icon should be a breeze. Cheers!

Crap. I wrote: “If you get a no permissions prompt, unlock the app in the Info pane and set everything on the bottom to Read and enter your password if prompted.”.

Should have been: “If you get a no permissions prompt, unlock the app in the Info pane and set everything on the bottom to Read&Write and enter your password if prompted.

Now that does change the meaning. :open_mouth: :mrgreen: You can edit it, you should see a pencil icon in the upper right of the post for that?

I had considered editing the post, Steve. But then I thought, if I didn’t, the OP might have a better chance of re-reading the thread because of the bump and catch the correction. An edit won’t bump the thread. It was a judgment call on my part.

Right on.

And I did see and read the correction, so thank you!

Thanks so much for this

Okay, having no luck replacing the icon so it shows up. First, re: When the Info pane opens, I select the icon and copy it". I cannot select the icon in the info pane. Right click on it does nothing and left click opens C10, but doesn’t select the icon at all. How did you manage to select it?

I created a new icon in Photoshop and in Icon Creator I created two cubase.icns files…one for regular and one for Retina. I then right clicked on the Cubase 10 app file and selected Show Package Contents>Contents>Resources where the cubase.icns file is located. Replacing the existing file was easy, but when I went back to the C10 app and Info Pane, nothing had changed…it was still the original icon. So I have the new icon, I just can’t get it into C10. Any other ideas?

I followed Weasel’s instructions to the letter and it worked perfectly.

Great, but it didn’t work for me…reasons explained above.

How did you manage to select it?

When the Info pane is opened, I simply left click directly on the original Cubase icon image in the upper left corner of the pane. That highlights the icon. At that point I click CMD/C (copy) and continue with the rest of the process. Hmmm. Try unlocking the app in this pane and set all the Permission entries on the bottom to Read&Write first…then try selecting the icon. Does that do it?

The problem is not so much as what you are doing…it’s what I am trying to do. :slight_smile: IF one just alters the icns file in Preview, I suspect it will work as you’ve described. My problem seems to be with creating an icon in Photoshop as a .png or .tiff file then getting it into the proper icns file format so that the paste operation in the Info panel works. Working on it now and trying different things. Thanks for the assistance; you’ve been most helpful.

EDIT: Okay the problem seems to be with pasting in an .icns file that works. Whether I paste a retina one from Photoshop/ Icon Creator or Preview, I only see a preview display in the Info Panel for an icon for an icns file, not the created icon (see attached image). I see this even when I paste in the original Cubase icon. Do I need to close the Info Pane before i see the new icon? I’ve been backing out (Command Z) at this point so I don’t mess up anything. :slight_smile:

Would love to see what you guys come up with for alternate C10 icons - post a few a maybe Steiny will get the message.

Attached is one design I came up with for a C10 icon, but one could create anything they wish. The idea was to incorporate the dominant color of black in C10 in any new design.


I see where you’re going wrong. What I’m doing has nothing to do with creating an actual over-riding program-specific .icn file. You can do that, but it is way too complicated to do to properly (or for me to explain) in order to simply change how Cubase displays its app icon on your desktop, folder or Dock.

You don’t need to fool with any of that. I’m just dealing with making a simple color change to the icon and pasting that image into the app’s Info pane. Once done, it will display the new look on the app and in the Dock (if you drag the modded app into it). You’re not modding the actual Cubase .icn file. You’re only modding how the Mac OS displays it. This is the quick 'n non-invasive to get it done. Get it?

Here are the steps:

I save the modified Preview file somewhere, because if you update Cubase, the icon modification will be overwritten with the update. Additionally, this method permits you to immediately revert back to the original icon by clicking CMD/X (Cut) in the Info pane because you actually haven’t overwritten the program’s official .icn file. When you do that the temporary modified icon image you pasted in will be replaced by the actual Cubase icon embedded in the program.