Replace video when the director sends you a new edit in Cubase 11

Hi, how do I replace a video with a new edit in Cubase 11? On film projects, the editor or director inevitably will have new edits coming in after the composer has already started sequencing the music. In Logic and Ableton it’s a simple right-click and “replace video” but in Cubase I don’t see any obvious way to do it and I haven’t been able to find anything in the manual or on YouTube. I tried deleting the old video and importing the new one but this creates a new audio track leaving the old audio in place and presumably a new video track as well because when I press F8 to view the video it’s not linked to the new video.

Thanks for your help!


Hey there, fellow film music composer here.

If I understand you right,

What I do , is to delete the old video and audio. You should be left with an empty Video and Audio track.

Drop the new video (i take it at the start of your session?) and the new audio file of the new video will be then imported.

Hope this helps.


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This would be a lot easier. I keep forgetting there is only one in Cubase.

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best solution I’ve found…

Thanks everyone!! Deleting both the audio along with the video worked!

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