Replacement for Prosoniq North Pole

Hi guys, I just migrated an old song created in VST5 into Cubase Artist 6.5 and one of the missing plug-ins was the great Prosoniq North Pole. Unfortunately the only provide AU plug-ins these days (damn them) so no North Pole in Cubase.

Anyone recommend a similar resonant filter effect to use as a replacement? It’s a real shame, I loved the sound it created.


check out fxpansion etch. don’t know if they have a demo. ed

Hey Ed. Thanks for the link. FXpansion have some really cool little programs. Had not looked at them before. Thank you


i used to have north pole too and it was good. etch is ugly to look at, but sometimes comes up on no-briainer deals. it sounds good if you make your own settings…ed