Reproducible VCA Automation Bug Cubase 12.0.52

It is. Well, traffic’s slow this time of the year, I know what I’ll be doing at work tomorrow…

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This bug has been around for a bit I think and has been reported before…


That is exactly the issue I am facing too. And able to reproduce!

Cubase Pro 12.0.52 Build 393
Win 11 Pro 22H2
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22638.1000.0

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Just an update here, from deep within the rabbit hole.

No solution in sight. I won’t bore you with which actions of mine had no effect, however I can now cause this from within Cubase, not only on a first boot-up, but any time, simply by switching between projects (activating them), and strategically placing my cursor between the switch. I can’t wait to get home to my unaffected system to see if I can trigger this.

I’ll write down my test right below, if anyone wants to give it a go, I won’t be able to test this for at least 4 hours.

Setup two projects

Project A

  1. Create 4 Audio Tracks Connected to a Single VCA Fader, all faders at unity gain.

  2. Create automation points on the VCA track as follows.
    Bar 0: 0.0
    Bar 1: +1.0
    Bar 2: +2.0
    Bar 3: +3.0
    Bar 4: +4.0
    Bar 5: +5.0
    Bar 6: +6.0

  3. Set the playback cursor to bar 0. Don’t close the project. Create a new project:

Project B

A completely blank project

perform this Repro sequence:

  1. Activate project B. Place the playback cursor at bar 3.
  2. Go to project A and activate it. Open the mixconsole.
  3. Observe if the VCA fader is at unity gain, but the audio faders are positioned at -3dB.

Edit: Just reproduced on my main system! @fese, can you give the test a go and see if this method causes it for you too?
Actually, anyone? @Thomas_127 , @jim_griff , @Pablin_Drummer


Yes, I can reproduce it with that sequence. Seriously weird.
If I create the new project and immediately activate project A, everything is fine. As soon as I move the playhead in project B or let it play, it starts reducing the fader level, and if I then switch back and forth between B and A, for every switch the level of the audio faders decreases more.


Great! Well, not great, you understand what I mean. :grin:

I don’t know the exact order that the mixconsole loads the channels, but it seems to me that there’s some double dipping going on here. (Faders get a value assigned before the cursor locates, vca gets the correct value for THAT wrong position, then the cursor returns to the correct position for the project, but the faders are affected by the VCA, dropping by the amount specified by the automation curve.

I honestly don’t know how one can formulate this in a sentence that makes sense. :rofl: I hope that the reproduction sequence is true, because it’s much easier to understand when you see it.

@steve, I think we’ve got it.


100% reproduced the bug using your Project A / Project B switching thing.

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Confirmed. Exactly the same behaviour here.

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Excellent. Will report. (again?)


There are some side-effects stemming from this behaviour. One that has caught my eye is that some users were complaining that their mixconsole was “locked up”. It seems that when the offset between the VCA and the audio tracks causes the audio tracks to get fader level values over 6.02, the faders get pegged in that position, and you can’t just enter a value in the box by keyboard, entry is locked. You have to manually grab the fader with the mouse and lower it.

A workaround for the time being is to write automation for the audio tracks. Even just one value for a static mix.

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Bug still persits in 12.0.60. My Support Ticket still unanswered since late January. I’ve lost all hope for a fix.


I wish I’d seen this post before now! This, what I now realise is obviously a bug has been driving me crazy for days! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Oh my god, I thought I was doing something wrong, VCA fader on three vocalists (main+double) completely messed up my balance after reopening Cubase, now I have to redo everything without VCA %)

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I’m sorry to hear Jura. It is very frustrating and I hope they address the issue quickly, because it is a big bug, not just a small inconvenience. VCA is a staple for some people.


the first time i experienced this bug was in cubase 8. lost all hopes for a fix by now

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Maybe by some miracle this post will finally convince Steinberg to fix this bug!

I’m on Cubase 12.0.70 and it’s still a problem. Please, please, pretty please with cherries on top fix the diminishing VCA linked faders bug. Please :pray:


well s***

surely they will fix it in cubase 13. will they? hahahah

Errrm… No. No changes.

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what a surprise!