Reproducible VCA Automation Bug Cubase 12.0.52


if it works fine without closing cubase. could it be so difficult to fix?


Any news on a fix for this bug ?

I found this on Nuendo forum

Look to be a similar bug:

I was going to ask, does Nuendo suffer from the same bug? I would think so given the shared audio engine.

they will never fix it. it’s been around for years, since cubase 8, or maybe earlier


I cannot reproduce it. Therefore I’m happy to inform you, that this is going to be fixed in the next maintenance update.



Does that mean you’re currently using a build that reflects the upcoming maintenance update?


Yes, I am.

Does that also fix the other bug about when you move the VCA to infinity ?
I have a suspicion that’s the same thing…

Hi Martin! Are you using the 2 project method? If yes, that’s veeeery interesting to hear!


In C13.0.30, the Project cursor position is persistent with the project. So if I leave project A at Cursor Position 1, switch to Project B set the Cursor position to 3, and then activate project A again, the Project Cursor goes to 1.

Therefore it works as expected with the VCAs too.

2 projects scenario
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That was also the case before. The cursor always returned to where it had been for each project.

But it seems that when switching projects from B to A, the VCA fader still managed - somehow - to grab the automation value that would correspond to project’s B current cursor position, right before moving to the right place for project A (and consequently affecting the faders connected to the VCA in the process).

But it’s not important any more. If you say it works, it works! I’m looking forward to the maintenance update!


I see. Sorry, I didn’t expect it from the description.

But I retested again knowing this. Unfortunately, this has not been fixed.

I’ve been testing the 2 project method on several versions of Nuendo, and was getting mixed results. It seems the order in which you save and hit play on either project makes a difference.

The most repeatable way to see the bug was to start and stop playback in Project B (at bar 3) then save before switching back to Project A.
I could repeat this multiple times and the audio tracks decrease by 3dB each time.
This only affects tracks without automation nodes.

We’ve been fighting against this bug for months now and it’s good to have a better understanding of what its doing and how to avoid it.
Really hoping for a genuine solution here, but for now we just have to continue adding at least one automation node to each VCA controlled track.

(I had to remove my previous post, my apologies.)

Is there a reliable way to workaround this bug? I have a project I need to finish that uses VCA faders. I didn’t remember having a problem with this in the past. Sometimes my current sessions are recalling correctly, but the relative balance of groups controlled by VCAs is sometimes getting thrown off. Thinking I will have to just remove the VCAs and coalesce the automation. Pretty mind-boggling bug. Cubase 13.0.30.

Write one point of automation for volume at the very beginning of the project, for each track connected to a VCA fader (the current value of each fader of course) and it will work fine.

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We all believe that sometimes VCA faders will be working without bugs… It’s the old and annoying problem. Strange that Steinberg don’t working in this area…

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Thanks very much. Late night frustration led me to miss the very same answer in the post before mine facepalm. Appreciate the quick response!

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Do not fret, milord.

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[quote=“ggmanestraki, post:58, topic:830094”] …

(the current value of each fader of course)…


Wondering what that exactly means, sorry for supratentorial malfunction on my part, can you clarify please?

Also … does that fix all VCA probs? I thought maybe there was another problem/ set of problems adding the automation point didn’t fix …?

Thank you!