[Request] Filter -> Notes by Note Length etc


I could not find a way to select a specific measured value from the selection.
For example, I want to only select quavers from my selection in all staves for 20 bars.

This is required because Dorico does not yet provide “Change Note Duration”.

I think it would be great if Dorico provides the followings:

  • Filter -> Notes by Note Length
  • “Change Note Duration” similar to the same feature in Finale
  • “Inversion” and “Retrograde” with “transposition” similar to the Canonic Utility in Finale

I requested Canonic Utility one and a half year ago on the Dorico user groups on Facebook. Some reactions were that all composers could/should do it manually. I am also good at these things. However, I can save time with these tools.

I would like to hear from the developers.


Oh, thanks!