Request : No more resizing !

Dear Steinberg team,

For years I’ve been really really really really really really annoyed by the fact that bringing up any window (F3 mixer, F11 vsti list, etc.) unlocks the main projet window, and for some reason, generally makes it bigger than the screen size. One then needs to either resize it, maximize it… and continuously lose precious time with this.

There is an option to make the mixer “always on top” (windows right click menu), which prevents the main project window from being resized (my wish), but then the mixer hides the vsti and vstfx windows, which is also annoying and counterproductive: If someone brings up the mixer, he (generally) wants the project window to stay docked where it is, and of course, to see the vst without having them hidden behind the mixer.

Most natural order seems, project main windows fully fixed as maximized background, mixer in front, of course, with vsts on top of it all.

Please make it happen soon.

You could make a right click (windows menu option) to “move the main project window to the back”, where it should stay at any cost, like a maximized background wallpaper. Permanently. Unless the users changes his mind or add a little icon near the three (diminish/maximize/close) little icons on the top right of the project window. Same effect, this icon would pin/dock the project window for good.

BFD has this when one browses its menus, just about any image software as well (Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc.) as soon as there are floating bars/menus, users have the option to dock it for good.

Seriously. We really need this. We spend years staring at the user interface, we users, need this.


Aren’t Workspaces meant to combat this?

Not to my knowledge. I don’t want anything behind my main project window, ever. I don’t want it to resize itself as a side effect and I don’t want to joggle betwin display preference presets to remind my main project window where it needs to stay. the “U” key on my keyboard is already set as a “maximize” key command but I don’t want to need to use it constantly. Just lock the project window and keep it that way. No presets, no nothing. :slight_smile:

This has been discussed many, many, many times. And although people have been begging for the window resizing madness to stop Steinberg has always blamed this on some kind of apparent “Windows 7” or “Windows XP” behaviour.

Whenever this comes up, which it does quite frequently, there will be people pointing to workspaces or towards the general idea of using several monitors.

This does, however, not take into account the many, many, many “basic” users who just have one monitor and who are trying to get accomodated with the software, who lose hours and hours wondering why the project window has suddenly decided to resize.

It has been said so many times: I do not want any windows to change their size for any reason unless I specifically change their size myself.

The idea of windows suddenly resizing whenever I do this or that (bring up the mixer, bring up VSTs or whatever) is very exclusive to Cubase and always has been. I don’t know one single other piece of software that does that.

And yes, it is annoying. Very annoying. And yes, windows resizing just for the heck of it is NOT standard behaviour nor can or should it be blamed on some Windows specification that apparently requires all windows to switch to random sizes under certain random circumstances.

PLEASE, Steinberg, PLEASE fix this. I wonder how many more times people will have to beg for this very elementary bugfix until it is finally done.

Alternatively, please list only one other piece of software from any field that showcasts the same behaviour. And / or give one single reason why this behaviour makes any sense at all in any kind of situation.

There’s some information in the following post:

Thanks Cubasepadawan. Apparently, users have been mentionning this problem for a long time. I don’t understand why Steinberg doesn’t react. What are they waiting for ?

“Steinberg has always blamed this on some kind of apparent “Windows 7” or “Windows XP” behaviour.”

Some people make excuses. Others find solutions.

I don’t care for workspaces and multi-screen. There should be an option in General Settings to make the project window the background of Cubase. As well, maximizing the mixer shouldn’t take up the whole screen, same thing with F11 vsti list, auxiliary windows should only maximize to content size.
Same thing with the prehistoric plugin list. Scrobbling thru those text menus, without image, without search engine is middle-age, inability to reorganize freely without physically moving the dll on the HD is absurd. Inability to rearrange freely vst3 plugins is even worse. For this reason, I have to stick with vst2 when vst3 versions are available. We need unlimited inserts per track as well. This is 2012, not 1998. Wake up Steinberg, do something. Do your job.

One of the more intelligent things I have heard about this issue over the years so +1 to this, as well to say it would be very cool if there could be a standard developed in relation to docking, not so much for Cubase “internal” windows but rather external applications such as rewire and VST Technologies.

Oh, DRDRDR please stick to one point, which is the ridiculous window behaviour.

Maybe then someone from Steinberg will finally give a statement when this will be fixed (as opposed to “It’s by design. Don’t ever maximize anything. It’s not our fault but Windows’ fault. Buy a bigger monitor or better buy at least two of them. It works fine on Mac. I never had this problem myself, so it’s not there. We don’t care.”).

To confirm, it seems the only reason anyone need maximize anything is because of the windows as outlined in the previous thread would I be correct?

I don’t understand this question. Maximizing is one of the rather common things to do while working with windows. So there may be good reasons to maximize a window or it may be done accidentally.

Neither way this should result in random resizing behaviour, and no, it’s not someone else’s fault.

Steinberg Team, hello ? STATEMENT !! thanks.

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Cubase rule number 1: Never EVER click the “maximize” button! If you want a window full screen (maximized) then pull the sides of the window out to the edges of the screen. BTW you only need to do that one time because Cubase always remembers the latest setting… just set it and forget it.

Cubase rule number 2 : don’t assume people are newbies, I discovered it with Atari. Your suggestion is NOT working.

That’s the way to do it. I’m surprised some people don’t know this by now. Cubase doesn’t know what size windows you want unless it’s the default and until you tell it what size you want. Then it remembers a whole desktop full of windows. Well it does here and very handy it is too. Been that way since, oh, the Atari.

Workspaces; p532 of manual second paragraph starts: “There is always one Workspace open even if you have not saved any…” You don’t have to read it but it comes in handy.

“I’m surprised some people don’t know this by now.”


“That’s the way to do it.”

The probable reason WHY that’s the UNSTABLE UNRELIABLE “way to do it”, why Steinberg doesn’t update this feature is due to the fact that they evolved an OLD architecture. If one uses a third party software which enables him to resize floating windows, he’ll soon discover that the F2 transport bar for example is just a buttonless old Window’s window.

If he tries to resize a Palette box from a modern graphic software for example, that WON’T happen.

Steinberg needs to give up an important building block of their software to fix that prehistoric behaviour, and it probably costs too much money versus the amount of complaints. Maybe they’ll do this if they redesign it completely, until then, they’ll simply manage customer’s frustration with silent treatment and false solutions.

If you gave some system specs it might help because it works just fine here. I’ll say it louder, IT WORKS HERE.
I’ve been using Cubase as long as you and I still miss stuff ok? I just get over it and get on with working.
Maybe you just missed a setting somewhere or it’s just system specific to a certain Windows setting.
Do you know anyone else with Cubase on their computer where the Windows resizing works a s expected? I don’t mean on the forum. Real life people. A nearby studio rival with Cubase?
Years now and you haven’t got it fixed from the forum? Ditch the forum try real people.

It’s an ADKProAudio like DAW, 30inchDELL, i7 X980 @3.33Ghz 12GB RAM, Win764 SP1, 72 hours old Fresh Install, Multiple SSDs, Drobo Pro, etc. perfectly tweaked. It won’t change a thing.

From experience (meaning before the 72 hours as well), as soon as the .cpr gets big (200+ tracks, tons of plugs etc.) and I start switching betwin Cubase and standalone apps, editing and else in a quick pace, things get messy with Cubase’s windows : constant unwanted resizings.

I have macros inside Cubase, several layers of context dependant ones on my Naga as well as all over my media extended (+17) keyboard programmed keys to control every aspect of everything on this machine. Plus all sort of home baked file monitoring background scripts, registry context menus. It’s hard to customize it more. The whole thing runs extremely smoothly, almost an A.I. DAW, I really love it, except for the annoying window detail.

My friend’s DAWs are based on my specs. They face the same problem. From time to time, I get annoyed about this and come here and see it hasn’t evolved. Whatever… Thanks man, let’s move on.

I think the problem has been shown many times:

The project window, which is NOT maximised, resizes at unpredictable times, i.e. when the key editor is opened or when some plugin GUI is opened. Even the key editor window resizes at equally illogical times.

And again: if window maximizing, which is a perfectly valid act in any Windows application, done either intentionally or accidentally, messes up the whole GUI scenario and resizes windows to preposterous sizes, then it’s simply not a “feature”.

I truly hope with Cubase 8 they will finally solve this very silly problem.

I agree

the windows are crazy

and a real frustration to productivity

This has been mentioned many times - for good reason - it still doesn’t work

Steinberg - you need to fix this - and it should have been fixed a very long time ago.

I have generic midi controls to bring up workspaces - and to auto maximize and reset screen sizes

but the instant you open another window - everything is offset - so you can’t see the inspector

This is complete madness - and really does need fixing