[request]: smaller notheads, tie overriding


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I have some troubles to write a vocal cadence (it’s an engraving work so I have to respect the original, here attached) without recurring to various work-arounds.

X signature is a great feature but without smaller noteheads, copying my example is not possible with regular notes and I have to use grace notes.

Using grace notes produces some problems:

  1. no tie allowed, so a slur must be used
  2. spacing problems
  3. dynamics as hairpin seem not to be allowed except when applied to the whole group. In this case I had to change the length of a cresc. hairpin and subsequently of a dim. hairpin to get the wanted result.

I should say that I’m using default large note-head, but the other default option is too close to the large one and isn’t accepted by the publisher.

These problems would be addresses or reduced if ‘notehead’ had a smaller option (e.g. ‘cadence note-head’).

Another great option would be an override property for tie, to allow ties to different categories of objects (e.g. regular and grace note) and voices (tie between two notes belonging to different voices).

In case the development team takes into consideration this request, it should be great to have a diamond half notehead available available for all the durations too.



If we had smaller noteheads, that would also make it easier to make a cue workaround until cues are fully implemented. I haven’t tried making cues out of grace notes but I’m tempted…

Can’t say about grace notes (or why that would be useful, other than when using grace notes as a substitute for something else), but Dorico can already tie between different voices–which is nice after years of trying to figure work-arounds in Finale.

Indeed Dorico can tie between notes in different voices, or between regular notes and grace notes, or indeed between notes that do not abut rhythmically, quite happily, and this makes a lot of things reasonably easy to do.

Cue-sized notes are most definitely on the roadmap, both as part of a feature for creating cues and also simply to be able to make any reasonable item cue-sized.

Hi Daniel,

is there some particular keys combination to tie between regular notes and grace notes?

I’m not able to tie the regular note to the first grace note in the example…
testTie.dorico.zip (184 KB)

Ah, you can tie from a grace note to a regular note, but not the converse, at least at the moment.