Reset window position on windows?

Hi, I am using Dorico on my Windows 11 laptop and when I at home I connect to a secondary screen. The problem is that Dorico remembers the window position when I dragged some windows to the secondary screen and when I don’t use a secondary screen the pop up windows becoming unreachable. I tried to access the window in taskbar use “Move” but that function is greyed out. Is there a way to reset the window position so every window comes back to the default?

Tried to access manual staff visibility, the window pop up is invisible

In theory, Dorico ought to be clever enough to work out whether the saved geometry is compatible with the current display geometry, and move the window if not. I’m sorry that doesn’t seem to be happening for you.

You can delete the file DocumentWindowPositions.ini in %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 4 to clear this cache.

As for the Manual Staff Visibility dialog not showing properly, we have had a few reports of this kind of problem, but as yet we do not have a solution. See this earlier thread:

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