Retina Support For Macs

Subject says it all.

Really? No retina support in Cubase 8? Dammit. I have this amazing new 5K iMac and the only bit of software I use all the time looks a complete mess.

Come on Steinberg - retina please!!

I’ve been waiting retina support since c7, and it’s not in this either?? So you need to use the same “open in low res mode” trick with this as well?

@Steinberg, is there a plan to make cubase retina compatible any time soon? (answer highly appreciated, whether it’s good news or not)

No retina support in C8 at this time. Though the graphics have been improved, to my eyes at least, from C7.5.

as well in Windows …

And a bump for our Windows brethren.

It’s pathetic.

Here here!

Very disappointing…

+1 please.




what a shame.
it looks like 10 years old.
steini get a new designer team!
i could make it :slight_smile:

This was a huge let down… :frowning:

Another big +1. Just started having to work mobile and to my horror CU8 isn’t retina compatible. Please please please!

Please make it happen Steinberg.
Its so hard to work on my MBP with the display looking so unpretty


We need this!

I’ve been using Cubase for well over 10 years but on my macbook retina cubase elements/pro 8 looks nasty. A retina cubase would look beautiful and make a lot of cubase users very happy indeed! Please make this a priority after stability issues have been addressed.

I would be happy, if there is coming a Retina Support for Cubase, for my 5K iMac, thx Steinberg!