Retrospective Record Buffer Problems in 10.5

I keep experiencing problems with the new Retrospective Record’s buffering. When I press “play” and perform in any MIDI (notes or CC), press my key command for “retrospective record”, the MIDI data will either be in the incorrect location or it will be MIDI data I performed long ago from a different track. For example, I played from a specific bar to perform in CC64, and the CC64 data ended up a few bars earlier – before the starting-point I played back from. See the attached image.

Also, as I reported before, Cubase is not filtering certain MIDI elements during Retrospective Record, even when they’re set to filter in Preferences (SysEx in the attached image).

This is still an issue in Cubase 10.5.12. Can someone at Steinberg look into it? Nearly all my MIDI tracks are connected via VE Pro 7, so please take this into consideration when testing this.

Again, what happens is when I perform in MIDI CC data using Retrospective Record (expression, modulation, etc) while in the Lower Zone Key Editor, every once in a while the CC data will end up far earlier than where I started playback. See the attached image. You will notice the CC data is roughly 20 bars before the region start (which is where I started playback).

I also would like to point out that Cubase 10.5 is not filtering certain MIDI data when using Retrospective Record even though it is set to filter in Preferences (Aftertouch and SysEx).