Return to Start Position on Stop

I reset the setup folder of Nuendo 13 and then the cursor still returns at the place it was before when stop. I use to work that it stop in place
Normally there is a box to uncheck. did we forget to put it ???
I can’t find it and in the instructions they don’t specify anything.
Just say in the Start Menu :

Return to Start Position on Stop
If activated, the project cursor returns to its start position when playback is stopped.

I’m going crazy. I did that so many time in preferences and I can’t find it anymore.
Could you help ?
Thanks Olivier

It’s in the Transport Menu now.

Thank you Steve but I checked the transport menu many times and I didn’t find it. I’m on Nuendo 13. Can you please show me?

Return to Start Position on Stop

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Thanks Steve, it’s resolved.
I try to clock and it was still at the same position, I don’t know why, and now it works ! Now I see that we can stop and back on previous location when Stop with "0’ twice :slight_smile:
Thanks again