reverse engineering preset in Prologue

I have noticed Prologue doesn’t work properly. For example i select the ‘Typical Lead’ preset and then make a note of all the settings on that preset. I then click on a different preset so for example the ‘Tribal Bass’ preset. I then reset all the settings in the Tribal Bass preset and then copy all of the settings exactly as they are in the Typical Lead preset. Why is the sound completely different? Surely if you copy the same settings for a preset into another preset they should sound exactly the same. I also noticed that in the Typical Lead preset if i reset all the settings and just have a sine wave playing, it plays at 1.50Khz. If i then reset all the settings in the Tribal Base preset and also play a sine wave, it plays at 520Hz. Something isn’t right here. Is this a known fault with Prologue?

You’re sure you copied all of the settings?

Not only the graphical instrument itself, but the LFO, ENV, EVENT, and EFX tabs?

Yes i made sure that i switched off all of the LFO, Event and EFX settings. I have double checked every single setting and i have done this 2 or 3 times and still get completely different sounds.

I think it might be a known fault.