.rex files in Cubase 12

Hi all,

Umm, so despite working perfectly in Cubase 11 pro, none of my .rex files come up in the media bay. According to the manual they’re still supported. Is this a bug? Anyone else had the same issue?



Make sure that Media Bay is scanning the location where the .rex files are stored.

It should definitely be scanning it… when I try and import a .rex file from the same folders (using file<import<audio file…) it recognizes the files, but i get an error message popping up …
Screenshot 2022-11-05 013906

Copied them there but that did not work for me. Now I am stuck with some project where I needed to import some rex files in. Please fix this Steinberg!!!

Meanwhile in a different place in the universe…


and in MediaBay:

I hadn’t used .rex files in a long time (last time must have been in C11)
I now notice I have the same issue.
Did you get it to work ?
(the REX Shared Library.dll is copied in \shared components\ and it’s also in \Steinberg\MediaBay\Components where I found it)


Hey, nope sorry… I never got it sorted. I’ve got a Mac now and updated Cubase, and finally it’s working. But that’s probably not the work around fix most are after lol. It must be some incompatibility bug with a certain version of windows and cubase. the only thing I can think of. tried everything

Thanks for the update.
The good news is, I just installed C13 , and it is functional here.
I just have to get used to the new looks :slight_smile:

also having the same issue.
Have tried dumping sys prefs and checks shared folder location. no joy

rex2 worked in c11, but no longer in c12

Hi. I also had this problem when moving to 12, up until today after trying everything.
However it managed to solve itself by rescanning the entire library in mediabay over night. I unchecked and rechecked my entire sample drive. It took all night to rescan my sample library.
I checked in the morning and now all rex files are supported and play. which is nice.
Hope it works for you,

OK if found the solution for Windows, some how there was a reference to an old “REX Shared Library.dll” so i just replaced all “REX Shared Library.dll”'s with the new one which is 837 KB , the old one is 311KB. You best use Agent Ransack to find these files on your System drive.

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